Bars – the gift

December 02, 2016

It’s 4:20am and I’m being awoken by the sounds of the birds welcoming

in the new day. Each of them has their own story and song to share with

the world and it seems that only now I am able to hear it.

Yesterday I was given a very special and unique gift that at the time I

was unable to put into words. Before I share that with you, I’d like to

acknowledge Mr Gary Douglas and express my heartfelt gratitude for

the gift he has given to our world including the Access Bars.

Before the bars my life was very challenging. I felt like I had no voice

and was trapped in my life, silently screaming. There was very little joy,

happiness and freedom and in my world. Being a mum of two, I

recognised that my life had become all about doing, doing, doing and

giving, giving, giving and there was a distinct lack of receiving.

Until my friend introduced me to “The Access Bars”. They changed my

world and gave me so much peace, happiness, joy and freedom. Then

yesterday I opportunity and the pleasure of meeting Denzel who is on

the spectrum and is just beginning to have a voice of his own. He stood

up in front of a room full of amazing gifted beings and offered his

services to run Bars to us all.

In that moment I had the awareness that my body wanted to receive a

session from Denzel so I signed up. At the lunch break I approached

Denzel and introduced myself to him and said I had put my name down

to have a session and was really looking forward to it. After the break it

was time.

My body was excited. As I lay down on the table I asked “What energy

space and consciousness can me and my body be to fully receive the

gift from my session with Denzel today”. And then we began. I felt every

cell of my body come to life and my eyes were flickering constantly at a

super fast pace. I felt like I was frozen in time and was acutely aware of

what was happening around me. My body was heavy and solid and I felt

like I could not speak or communicate even if I wanted to. It was like

someone had pressed the pause button, it was surreal. The best thing

about it was that I laid there completely open to receive and totally free

of judgement. I was so grateful for this gift.

After my session my body continued to process what it had received. It

felt foreign and different and I began to have a sense of fear for the

unknown and what I could not perceive. It was like riding a wild wave

and being totally out of control. Part of me wanted to return and escape

this feeling and when I shared this with a friend she asked “What is

about this that you are not getting?” And it was in that moment that I got


There was a wave of emotion, followed by tears of empathy,

compassion and love as I replied “Oh my god.. My body is experiencing

what it is like for my son Alex” The words left me and the fear melted

away. I sat in silence acknowledging the feelings and emotions in that

moment and opened my heart and received the Gift they be.

I have 2 X Men in my life, my son now 16 and my husband. For the past

11 years I have given all of me to do whatever it takes to help my son

lead what I perceived to be a “normal” life in this reality. What I get now

is that there is No normal only a different way of being, knowing,

perceiving and receiving. For a long time I got stuck and lost in my own

interpretation. And now I have been given the gift of translation. Thank

you Denzel.

I am so grateful for “The Bars” and how it has changed my world. It has

allowed me to “Be Me” and Be the difference that is required in this

reality without sacrificing me. I feel like now is time to step up and be the

voice of change for the children of the world. And unlock and release the

parenting constraints that hold us back from being empowered authentic

role models to our children.

Our children are the adults and leaders of the future and will one day be

our voice when we have none. The many choices they make will in

some way have an impact in the world we live in. If we stifle their voice

and takeaway their choice they will not grow. Instead we need to listen

and encourage them to choose and keep choosing and be and keep


So My question to you is.. “What would it take for you to step up and be

the gift you are within with total ease?” and “What would it take for

everyone to be able to receive the gift of the bars with total ease?

Once again Thank you Gary and Thank you Denzel

Tracey Horsbrugh



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