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4 Questions to Create Greater Possibilities

December 03, 2016

“The world wants to give you everything you desire.”

Quote from Gary Douglas found in his new book “Blessed Possibilities”

Access 7 Days Events are full of life-changing questions, tools and processes designed to catapult you into a new reality. Imagine being in a beautiful environment where the land and the surroundings contribute to you and the change you are choosing. A class with no agenda, no forbidden topics, no rules or restrictions. A class where truly anything is possible.

It was from an Access 7 Day Event that the creation of a new book began. Based on the questions, conversations, tools and processes of the 7 Day Event, Blessed Possibilities, the founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas wrote this new book!

Here’s a little teaser from the book:

“The blessed choice of possibility is the way the universe can contribute to you and create something you never knew was possible. You, as an infinite being, have infinite choice, infinite question, infinite possibilities, and infinite contribution, but you are rejecting the gift of possibility. If somebody suggests something that doesn’t fit the reality you have, you reject it. If something doesn’t fit the way you want it said, it’s not going to be part of your reality. You say, “It’s got to be said the way I want to hear it.” Your need to hear things the way you want to hear them gets in the way of the blessed possibilities that are available to you. You aren’t willing to hear things the way they come to you. You reject possibilities when you say, “Well, that wasn’t what I thought it was.”

When a possibility shows up for you, you can say and ask:

  • Wow, that showed up different than I thought it would!
  • What else is possible?
  • What else can I choose beyond this?
  • And what else can I choose because of this?

Blessed possibilities are about recognizing the blessing that choice is and the gift you are when you are in question. When you are in question and you choose something, you create multiple possibilities.

When you function from possibilities and you ask, ‘What’s really possible here?’ a whole new world is going to open up for you. The whole universe wants to contribute to you. The world wants to give you everything you desire.”

Discover what is possible for you as Gary asks tough questions, facilitates clearings, offers simple but effective tools and invites you to step out of being a slave to this reality and into the blessed possibilities. You can order your copy here.



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Apr 25, 2017

Genial! Que feliz seria si pudiera concretar esas cosas que sueño!

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