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Chaos as the Spark of Creation

November 09, 2016

There’s a new conversation taking place and it’s all about chaos and order. What if chaos is not the horrible thing we’ve been told? What if it’s actually the spark of creation? What if it’s possibility, magic and miracles?

Have you been asking for change? Have you been seeking a new possibility for your life and for the world?

If chaos were the catalyst for all that you’ve been asking for, would you be willing to invite it into your world?

As the Co-Creator of Access Consciousness Dr. Dain Heer says, “All the fun you’ve been hoping your life could be is embodied in the chaos that is actually your true possibility. And the awareness of what you can actually create from the chaos that doesn’t seem possible now, it’s because you’ve been ordering everything in your life and in your world to try to fit in here, to try to not be too much, to try to not be everything that you are that is greater than what anyone else is willing to choose. It’s time to unleash it, it’s time to unlock it, it’s time to unleash chaos on the world.”

So how about it? Would you be willing to have more fun than you’re supposed to have? Would you be willing to create a reality beyond this reality even if no one else gets it? What would happen if you allowed yourself to be everything that you are even if others considered it too much?

If you are ready to choose more for you and for the world, if you are ready to invite the chaos of creation that will create change, the replay of The Foundation Class Re-Write is now available for download! Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, the Co-Creators of Access Consciousness rewrote the entire class by looking closer at chaos and order.

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There is so much more available. More joy. More ease. More fun. More play. More possibility. More exuberance. More life and living.

What if you could blow up the limitations that have been keeping you from having everything you desire?

What if you could go beyond the order of this reality that has been impelled on you? The order that has told you how you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to be, what is appropriate and what is not…

Go beyond the limitations that stop you from doing, being and having everything you desire.

The time to unleash the chaos that will create a different possibility on the planet is now.

The prerequisite for The Foundation Class is Access Bars. Click below for the links to purchase the video and audio replays of these two first-time ever classes!




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