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July 26, 2016

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Guest Blog Post by Susanna Mittermaier & Bret Rockmore

Susanna: I never planned on becoming an Access Consciousness Facilitator. I went to all the Access Consciousness classes I could find the time for and loved the tools from day one and used them in my life and more than I could imagine changed.

I was working in a psychiatry office as a clinical psychologist and therapist at the time, wondering what else was possible and how else I could create a world worth living in?

One day I saw the ad for the Facilitators class. I knew I had to be there. Why? I had no clue. I caught myself doubting my sanity for doing a Facilitator class without planning to become a Facilitator. Yet, the doubt went away and I went.

What showed up for me from there was the world I had been searching for – for a long long time. What I was looking for in my university education and hoping to get – was presented at that class – the tools to truly empower people to know that they know.

“Wow and Hallelujah” don’t even describe it! Where I was taught to look for the cause of problems and the significance thereof, I discovered that it is CHOICE that creates your life and all the potency to change that comes with that choice. The adventure of knowing started! I got the education and the acknowledgment that set me off to creating and using the education of this reality (the psychologist title) to truly facilitate a new world!

The amazing thing at the facilitator class was that it never was about an either/or. Either I continue being a psychologist or I become an Access Facilitator. I could do both! It was about becoming the psychologist and the facilitator I truly could be by being me and using the tools and living them.

What came from that were the beginnings of Pragmatic Psychology – a new paradigm of psychology with the Access Consciousness tools. I started to travel the world facilitating classes while I was working at the psychiatry office. Facilitating classes, all kinds of classes, Bars, Foundation, Body Process Classes, Pragmatic Psychology, Right Voice For You and working as a psychologist all contributed to each other. The awarenesses I got from my time in the office contributed to my facilitations and vice versa. After a while I had so many bookings for classes that I did not have time for the office anymore.

What I so love about Access Consciousness and the tools is that it’s all about creating a different world and about each and every one of us finding out what we uniquely have the capacity to change on this planet.

Whether you are a nurse, an architect, a teacher, a mother… it is about discovering how you with the Access Consciousness tools can change the world. How can you use the tools to make what you already do and be even more phenomenal?

If we all did that, what could we create that has never existed before? Like the seeds of the dandelion, we know that they will create new flowers of possibilities, when and where they will sprout is a surprise. Access Consciousness can become a way of being and can infiltrate the way of living worldwide. Is it time for us to be it?

– Susanna Mittermaier

Bret: Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, the co-creators of Access Consciousness, have a way of being and doing whatever will create a change in someone’s world without giving up who they be and what they know.This is something that I desperately desired. To walk into a room and know it has changed simply because I had been there. To create more space with every conversation I have. To have the ability to artfully and skillfully invite everyone to the possibilities of creating a greater life. To never give up my awareness of the world I would like to create while navigating the world as it currently is. To know what is relevant and what I have to deal with and what I don’t in order to create a phenomenal global business. To be in allowance of everyone and everything while never giving me up in the process. To create a world of kindness, inclusion, possibility, and one where war, judgment, conflict, and unconsciousness are not even considered as a viable option.

These are only a few of the gifts that I see possible from my choice to become an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator (CF). Would I be able to have and create those things without it? Sure. “Ask and you shall receive” is one of the truths of the universe, but committing to be an Access CF for me is a demand of me to be and create the consciousness I so desire on this planet NOW.

Being an Access CF, I’ve been requested to step up in ways I never dreamed I could, but have always hoped was possible.

Since choosing to become a CF, I’ve looked at everything in life from a different place. “What change can I be here?” “What questions can I ask?” “What will create more for everyone?” Choosing to be a facilitator in life makes it fun for me to be here.

I’ve been a facilitator for 2 years now. I haven’t actually facilitated many classes, but what I get to facilitate in life and business, and the tools and insights I’ve gotten from the CF classes I’ve attended, are a huge gift to me stepping up as a leader in all of life.

With being a CF I’m actually being asked to be the leader I’ve always wanted to be and to know that I can actually be and create that.

This is the first place I’ve come to where you’re actually celebrated for out-creating the founders. Gary and Dain actually stand behind what they say and walk their talk. They don’t build you up and tell you everything is ok when it’s not. They don’t ever “take you down a notch” to make sure that they are still on top.

As a facilitator, they and many other Access Facilitators have time and time again empowered me to be everything I am even in situations where I think I’ve done something wrong. I’m amazed every time when I mess something up and we all end up laughing together! The freedom that gets created by these brave and different people is unlike anything else I’ve found so far.

I am so grateful every day that I get to call myself an Access Certified Facilitator.

– Bret Rockmore

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