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10 Keys to Freedom

February 18, 2016

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Dr. Dain Heer

Access Consciousness® Co-Creator

Dr. Dain Heer is a facilitator of consciousness and change, inviting people worldwide to embrace their true greatness, abilities and knowing.

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Guest Post by Dr. Dain Heer

A few years back, my friend Gary Douglas and I wrote a book called The 10 Keys to Total Freedom. These keys are the keys to the doors that have been locked all your life.

They are the keys to the kingdom.

The first thing to get from these ten keys, is that it’s all choice. With this and all of Access Consciousness, our target is to expose you to the awareness that you have different choices available. You have choices available that you may have never known were possible.

Every key is designed to give you more space to step onto the superhighway of consciousness. Your life will still go on, but now, when something comes up, you will have more space to handle it.

So what are some of the 10 Keys and how can they change your life?

The 3rd Key – No Form, No Structure, No Significance

With anything you make significant in your life, you end up creating it with such intensity that it ends up running your life. When we were kids, we didn’t make anything significant! Significance is not something we naturally do.

All the things in consciousness, including you, have a space that they are. When we try to put a significance or form and structure on them, we end up undoing the consciousness of them. We are trying to fit them into this reality – and the beauty of what they are goes away.

With no form, no structure and no significance, there’s no judgment. It’s the embodiment of interesting point of view.

The 6th Key – Live in 10 Second Increments

Living in ten-second increments is about learning how to choose. If you only choose for ten seconds, you can’t really make a mistake. If something doesn’t work for you, you can just choose again. Choosing in ten second increments eliminates judgment. If you truly get that you can choose something else ten seconds from now, why would you judge that choice? You’d just move on to something else. Within this tool itself is the way out of limitation that you’re using it for.

The 9th Key – Would an Infinite Being Truly Choose This?

An infinite being is one who chooses, one who is aware of everything and embraces the joy and the greatness of living! Are the choices you are making actually creating the infinite live and living you’d like to have? If not, you can change it.

For everything you are doing and choosing, ask ‘Would an infinite being truly choose this?’ Just ask that one question, let the energy be there and then choose. It will open the door for that to become a choice that you have available. Please don’t judge you for not having access to what an infinite being would choose in this ten seconds. Start asking the question and give yourself a chance to learn how to do it.

The 10th Key – No Exclusion

No exclusion probably wouldn’t even be one of the ten keys, if it didn’t cause you to exclude you. In order to exclude anyone or anything else, you have to exclude you. That’s just the way it works my friends.

When you try to exclude someone from you life, living and reality, you actually contract yourself and eliminate your receiving. When you put up walls to other people, you have also now put up a wall to yourself. The wall actually keeps you locked up inside.

So what if you could instead lower your barriers and allow yourself to receive everything with no point of view?

If you have a willingness to jump in and actually use these tools, you’ll empower yourself to know that you can truly change anything and create the life you know is possible.

Are you ready for the adventure to begin?

You can now choose even more change while you’re at home playing on your computer! Dain has a new video course course, 10 Keys to Total Freedom – a 21 Day Program, that you can access in his online library by clicking HERE.

What if you could choose something that will create more not only for you, but for everyone in your life?



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