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The Earth Needs You

February 12, 2016

The next time you feel sand between your toes or watch an amazing sunset remember this — the earth needs you.

“Good planets are hard to find; let’s be nice to this one,” Dr Dain Heer said recently on Voice America’s regular radio show Conversations in Consciousness.

“What if you recognised that both energetically, and by what you chose, you’re a huge contribution to what the earth has as its choice and what future can be created?”

There is consciousness in the earth, Gary Douglas said, yet most people don’t realise how much the earth needs them.

“They have this weird point of view that we get to live on top of it, walk on top of it, walk over it —abuse it and take from it all the time.”

Extreme weather events and climate change are huge topics at the moment — even politicians are starting to admit that global warming is real.

No one wishes to sit idly by and watch the earth being destroyed; however, too often we don’t look at what will occur in the long run and many short-term solutions become the disasters of the future.

“What future view could you have and be, that if you would have and be it, would allow the earth to be a sustainable living organism?” Gary queried.

Does sustainable living mean giving up the pleasures of life? Not so, Mr Douglas said.

“You don’t have to give anything up. You have to look at what you can choose and how that can contribute to the earth.

“The greatest contribution you can be to the land is laughter. In plant studies, if you yell at a plant it dies, if you sing at a plant it grows. Laugh as much as you can. Laughter will help a lot.”

Dr. Heer added, “The greatest toxic waste on the planet is our anger, rage, fury and hate, our judgement, our separation, our rightness, our wrongness. If you really want to change things … get out of judgement, rightness, wrongness, anger etc.”

Whether you’re living on the land and wish to create communion with the earth, or have a garden on the balcony of your apartment, this show has pragmatic tools that will transform how you look at the planet.

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Gary & Dain host a regular show on Voice America every Thursday at 2pm Pacific.

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