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Access Consciousness in The Headlines!

September 14, 2015

Here are this months highlights of Access Consciousness featured in media worldwide!

A blog written by Australian TV Star Deborah Hutton about how Dr. Dain Heer and the Access tools helped her discover the ‘real’ her and stop listening to those voices in her head that weren’t hers to begin with! Dr. Dain Heer is the first male coach to be invited to work with Deborah Hutton and her Balance program! Read Here!

Dr. Dain Heer now a contributing writer on the Huffington Post! Here’s his first article, about how to change the things you haven’t been able to change until now … Do Something Different! Read Here!

What are 10 things your body would tell you if you were listening? Here’s Dr. Dain Heer’s article that is getting a lot of attention featured on MariaShriver.com and NaturallySavvy.com

Are you getting paid enough? How much should you charge for your services? All questions that we don’t really look at pragmatically! Here’s a brilliant article by Simone Milasas featured in TheCalmEdge.com about how to determine what you should charge! Read Here!

Would you like to stop those negative thoughts in your head? Here are7 Tips from Dr. Dain Heer featured on Fox News in San Diego! Watch Here!

What else is possible when working with kids, parents or people that have been labeled as “disabled”? Here’s an amazing article by certified facilitator Delaney Delaney featured on About.com, Read here!

Simone Milasas is featured on the cover of the August edition Om Times magazine with a very special 16 page interview! Hear her story and get advice about how to change the your mindset in business so that it can truly be joyful, expansive and abundant! Read Here!

Gary Douglas was recently a guest on one of the most popular night time radio shows in North America, Coast to Coast with Lisa Garr. To hear the 2 hour replay of the amazing discussion on entities, ghosts, possibilities and consciousness listen here!



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