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Deal & Deliver For Your Life

January 21, 2015

If there is one thing I know about the way Gary Douglas creates classes, it’s this… In the time between when a class gets named and put on the schedule and when it actually comes around, the whole universe rearranges itself. And while I am certain that Gary doesn’t know “why” the title of a 7 day or the next telecalls is going to be exactly perfectly formed, I am always struck by the uncanny appropriateness then the day rolls around.

When Deal & Deliver For your Life was added to the schedule, I was excited about it immediately. I loved the first single call on the topic. It’s shifted my life dynamically. So of course I’d love 3 calls on the topic! Why not?

But holy alakazam! After what just showed up from Home of Infinite Possibilities, I honestly can not fathom better timing for this series having the possibility of changing radically and pragmatically how I interact with everything.

“When you are not committed to your life, no one else will let you be committed to your life either.” This is just one little sentence that poured out of Gary’s mouth over those 3 days.

“Wow! That’s the deal and deliver you create with people inadvertently by not committing to your own life” I realized.

Gary talked about the willingness to own and be owned. Yep, another deal and deliver you can either get clear on and have ease with, or be fuzzy on and create resistence. Even requesting and receiving from the universe I started to see as one of the deals & delivers we set up in our life.

The 3 part Deal & Deliver For You Life is all about changing reaction to action. If you feel like anything still happens” to you, you may want to check out this series. Cause boy do I think we have some new information in store for us.

How do you get clear on the deals in your life to truly create?

The prerequisite for this series is level 1 and the original 90 minute Deal & Deliver call.

To sign up for the series of find out more visit here.



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