Making Money After 60

November 05, 2014

Many people believe the maxim that their earning years end around sixty. After all, don’t companies want to hire young people? Isn’t there discrimination when it comes to hiring older people? While the general public and many corporations are willing to limit them selves by overlooking the talents and abilities and earning power of those of us over sixty, there’s absolutely no reason you should limit your potential money flows! I’m having more fun and making more money than at any other time in my life. The secret? Creating your own business.

While that might seem a bit scary at first, I would like to give you some information and ideas that can help this be a success.

1. Choose something that you know about and love. I started an antique business a few years ago. I’ve been an enthusiastic collector for years, and I know a great deal about antiques. The business is thriving and I’m having lots of fun.

2. So many people think that you have to have lots of money to make money. Not so!! There’s a wonderful book that changed my life called “The Penny Capitalist: How To Build A Small Fortune From Next To Nothing”, by Algernon Horatio. It is available in the Access Shop here. It shows you how to take small amounts of money and turn them into more. Are you ready to get started? There have been many successful companies that started with almost nothing. Apple Computers was started in a garage.

3. Ask lots of open ended questions about everything. Questions keep the energy going and allow for different possibilities. Anything you determine and decide and conclude about your business: where it should be, what it should look like, where and how you should advertise cannot be changed and may prevent you from something much better.

4. Always think outside the box. Not just in terms of what your business should be, but how to run it, who to hire etc. Years ago, before outsourcing was popular, I had employees all over the world and I gave them a lot of freedom. I was told this was stupid and they would steal from me. I knew it was going to work well and it did. I trusted what I knew to be true rather than following someone else’s plan.

5. Which brings me to: Trust yourself! That doesn’t mean you don’t gather helpful information, but don’t let it run you. All successful business are based on the ideas of people who are often told they are crazy or don’t know what they are doing. Many businesses that fail are copycat business, either in initial ideas or in how they are run.

6. Take advantage of the internet and social media. You

don’t have to do it like everyone else, and if you’re not good at it, hire some people who are.

7. Hire people who can do their jobs better than you. You will constantly be challenged to create more.

8. Surround yourself with people who support you. Say goodby to the nay sayers!

9. Give yourself some time. It often takes a year or two for something to catch on.

10. Above all, have fun! That is one of the biggest keys to success that people often overlook.

Creating your own business can be one of the most rewarding things you can do! So many people in “retirement” suffer from feeling useless and not having enough to do. A business you love and are constantly creating anew will fire up a lot of enthusiasm and joy!



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