What if You Could Quiet Your Mind?

October 31, 2014

The joy of quieting your mind and the benefit of it is not a new idea. There are ways that have been around for quite some time, like meditation, yoga, breathing and many other approaches and techniques.

I used to practice many of those regularly, for many years. They would create great ease in my life and bring me to a happier place. Yet, that wouldn’t last.

Whenever I went out into the world, I would get dragged back into negative thinking, sadness, upset and frustration. What was that? I could, of course, choose to go in a cave or a monastery and not go out into the world. I could just live the life of a hermit. This didn’t feel very appealing to me, not this time around.

After all these years of practice, what was it that kept me from being the happy being I knew I was, all the time? Whether theta or delta wave meditation, gong or energy balancing, what kept me from going beyond the walls that I sensed in my universe? What kept them in place?

On top of that, I knew something different was possible. I knew that already when I was a child! I knew that the greyness of the masses wasn’t my reality, and wandering blindfoldedly and numbly around in this world and performing repetitive tasks was not what I would choose. No! Not for me! I always loved being out there, I loved creating, I loved the wonder of this world! And I have so many dreams!

How was it possible that, with all the meditations, chantings, praying, healing singing and everything else, the planet was in such a state of destruction? What was it that kept the mind active? This monotonous repetitive thinking? The easy buy into upset, intrigue and frustration?

I had an urge in me to find what that was! There was something that I couldn’t quiet down. Something that I somehow remembered, without knowing what that exactly was. And whatever it was, it was very real and possible to me. I knew my dreams were not utopia! They were real! They were possible!

I have been reading in spiritual newsletters and changelings for years how important it is to empty the mind and to not think. I could get to a space of bliss, then, yet only temporarily. I didn’t have the tools that would help me to be there, all the time, and to make a sustainable difference in my world.

Just recently, I read again about how we create from thoughts, feelings and emotions. And if we don’t watch out what we’re thinking, any destructive thoughts would also show up in our lives as what we were creating.

Do you remember moments when you didn’t have thoughts? Or, asking the other way around, when you had your last moment of joy, expansion, happiness, in that very moment, did you experience drag and impossibility? Or was your universe full of possibility? Did you then run into someone and have an amazing conversation? Were you inspired? Did you have great ideas?

I’m talking about that space! Ever noticed that there are no thoughts in that space?

What if everything you always dreamed of, what if this was something you knew was possible? What if we could have and be that inspired space all the time? And, where and when did you allow the naysayers to spoil your dream?

Does John Lennon’s “Imagine” move you, at all? “You can say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I know some day you’ll join us. And the world will be as one.” What if we never give up our dreams, not for anybody? We could choose to be in allowance of everybody’s points of view and still not give up our visions and dreams.

I am a dreamer, I have always been. Then, these years back, I somehow got caught in the net of impossibility, caught by the invisible fisherman of this reality. Luckily, I had built into my blueprint map of this lifetime, these possibilities for encounters with amazing people, friends from many lifetimes. They always pop up in my life, at these incredible intersections!

So, through several, seemingly ‘random’ encounters in 2012, I came across Access Bars®, an energy technique that assists in letting go of limitations and judgments, just by gently touching certain points on the head. I had my first session, then, and it created the space of being that I knew was possible. And that space wouldn’t shrink when I went into the world. It made a sustainable difference for me. It is possible to quiet the mind and to be the space of you.

Would you please allow me to be that friend for you, popping out of nowhere today and tapping on your shoulder gently asking ‘Hey my friend, what if there was a different possibility?”

What dreams do you know are possible? And, if you bought into the lies of this reality, what if you can change that? What if you still are the dreamer? What inspiration can you be for the world?

by Bettina Madini



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Nov 2, 2014

okie dokie 🙂

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Jenny Drake

Nov 28, 2014

Thank you for sharing this Bettina. Yes I am a dreamer and could totally relate to what you wrote about yourself and your view of life. At the same time I have been struggling greatly with my thoughts and lack of optimism recently. This is not who I am or have been throughout my life. At some level I have felt the need to stay with this for a while not simply live in an unreal happy bubble but now it’s time to move on I am finding it difficult to leave behind. I would be interested in finding out more.

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