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What is the Tenacity of Consciousness?

December 21, 2013

by Diva Diaz

As I sit here contemplating one of my favourite topics in the world: ‘Tenacity of Consciousness’ the thing that keeps jumping out at me is how tenacious the planet is that we live on.

I stay near the beautiful Regent’s Park in central London, England, where I go for walks as often as I can and one of the things that I always notice is that regardless of the huge numbers of people visiting, the trash that gets thrown on the floor or the crowds celebrating as they leave the round theatre, the nature in the park continues to have a sense of peace, joy of being alive and thriving.

I know this is what nature ‘is’ and ‘does’ and I also notice how much we don’t always stop to acknowledge this beauty available to us, or even to listen to the wisdom and information it may hold.

Have you ever been in a park, or a forest, or a beach, somewhere that is out in nature, where you are totally enveloped and caressed by the beauty and non-judgment of it all? That to me is the tenacity of consciousness. It’s the energy that is available to all of us, it’s the energy that thrives and allows the planet to continue expanding and creating itself regardless of what we do or choose.

What is that thing that allows nature to adapt to change, be completely present at all times with no judgment and thrive in the face of human evolution? To me it’s consciousness. It’s the prima materia that makes up what we call physical and non-physical matter on this planet. And it’s what creates the change, the evolution, the thriving and the magic.

We can pretend that we are not aware of earth changes, climate changes and even differences in how nature and man has evolved over the centuries but one thing that we cannot ignore is how tenacious the earth’s desire to thrive truly is. What would it be like if WE were that tenacious in our desire to thrive and create not only a better life for ourselves and those we care about, but a better world?

Recently I interviewed Gary Douglas, the Founder of Access Consciousness® with my friend and colleague Jonas Svensson about the tenacity of consciousness and what it truly means.

Gary said, “Man has done his best to destroy earth in a thousand different ways. We’ve done strip mining, uranium dumping, and all kinds of things to the earth, none of which help it particularly but all of which lead us to realize that no matter how much we try to destroy something, the consciousness of the universe is about creation.

And the universe is going to work it’s hardest to make sure that creation wins.

It doesn’t have the point of view that destruction is the sum total of anything.

The tenacity of consciousness is really about moving from the place where you live your life from any form of destruction and move your life into the places of creation. So that there’s a new possibility that can exist for everyone. So that no one has a sense that they, or what they choose, has to be less and that everything they choose can be something that can create and generate more.”

How amazing would that be? To move your life from destruction to creation. I know that in the past I have not been willing to look at how much I created destruction, and it is with this, the topic of the tenacity of consciousness that I have been able to open up the doors to a completely new way of being for me.

I used to be very good at tenaciously making sure I could travel when I wanted, creating new business ideas, seeking new ways to make money…and the fact is, none of that really ever gave me the happiness I thought it would. So I really started to look at it and I asked myself, “What is the bigger picture here? What am I really looking for? If I had all of these things I’m asking for, what else would inspire me?” and then I got it. Consciousness. The tenacious seeking and choosing of more and more consciousness every day.

What would it be like if everything we chose was from the question; ‘If I choose this, what will the world be like in 50 years? And in 100 years? And in 500 years?’ If we include the bigger picture in our choices, would that also include us? Would that also include the people we care about?

I see what this world could be like if we were all to choose from what would create for a greater future, not for a quick deal or profit or even 5 minute of fame (although don’t get me wrong, I think money and business and fame are great..truly!). What I’m referring to are choices that will create a sustainable future where we can all thrive and where the planet has an easier time with us being on it!

Do you ever have those glimpses of what could be? If so then you may just be more aware of the whispers of a possible future that we can all create. I know what I’m choosing. Are you in?

You can find out more about Diva Diaz at www.divadiaz.accessconsciousness.com



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