Celebrating the Change and Consciousness that’s Possible with the Access Bars®

December 27, 2013

Consciousness, as defined by Gary Douglas founder of Access Consciousness®, includes everything and judges nothing. Much of the world lives in unconsciousness; exclusion and separation rather than oneness. Hatred and judgment rather than allowance.

Just take a look around. It’s easy to see the insanity that this reality functions in. Some would say true change is impossible. Yet, the dreamers of this world have always known that something else WAS possible and we have longed for change.

Are you one of the dreamers? One of the people who say, “Wait!!! Hold on! What else IS possible? There has to be another way of functioning in this world?!” Can you perceive it? A world that operates in oneness and allowance? A world without judgment? What would it take to create that? Would you like to be part of the creation?

Choosing Consciousness

In spite of what we hear on the news, and inspire of the insanity that we ourselves see every day, more and more people are choosing consciousness. It’s like a wave. And the more people who show up and step up and say, “Hey!!! Now is the time! Oneness is possible! Allowance is possible! An entirely different reality is possible and I’m having it!!! I am choosing consciousness!” the bigger that wave becomes. The bigger that wave becomes, the more change that occurs on the planet.

Are you a part of that wave? Would you like to be? Is consciousness a target for you? Is change something you have been asking for – for you and for the world?

Contributing to Change and Consciousness through Access Bars®

For the first time ever, Access is hosting a Global Access Bars® Day.

Have the Access Bars® been a contribution to you? What has changed in your life since you first encountered this dynamic process? What changes continue to occur? Would you like to have some more? More change? More consciousness? More receiving? More of YOU?

The Global Access Bars® Day is an invitation to just that. An invitation to celebrate the change that has occurred in your life. An invitation to celebrate the consciousness you are choosing. And, an invitation to choose more.

On January 6th, 2014 thousands of people around the world will be joining together to gift and receive Bars. Some people will be joining the live stream. Some will be attending trades that are being offered in many locations. And, others will be running Bars in their own homes.

This is a day of celebration and a day of creation! A day of saying, “Thank you for the gift of the Bars! Thank of your for the contribution it has been to creating more consciousness!” And, ‘What would it take for this wave of consciousness that has begun to continue to grow and literally change the world?”

What contribution can you be to the Global Access Bars® Day? What contribution can the Global Access Bars® Day be to you?

For more information follow this link: www.GlobalAccessBarsDay.com



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Dec 31, 2013

I would love to participate in the Global Access Bars Day! I have never had my Bars run. Is there anyone in Olympia, WA who could introduce me to the Bars?

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Jan 21, 2014

Check out the facilitator list on www.AccessConsciousness.com/facilitators.asp

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