Overwhelmed? Add More to Your Life!

November 22, 2013

With the ever accelerating pace of change on planet earth, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

Asking a question, any question, is one way out of that feeling.

A very specific question recommended by best selling author and founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas is, “Would an infinite being be overwhelmed? Could an infinite being be overwhelmed?”

Fortunately, if you’ve bought into the lie that you’re a finite being—just temporarily, of course—Access Consciousness® has some tools to assist you out of the pit.

“If an infinite being wouldn’t choose this, then why are you?” is a question that comes right from the applications of the Ten Keys to Total Freedom of Access Consciousness®.

If you’re choosing something an infinite being wouldn’t, there’s really just one reason for it—you want to have a disaster in your life. There could be all kinds of reasons for that—to prove how powerless you are, to manipulate others into rescuing you, or whatever. Hint: none of these reasons are really in your best interest!

Instead of wallowing in your overwhelm, Douglas suggests adding more to your life. Yes, if you’re suffering from overwhelm chances are you’re an OCCC. (Obsessive Compulsive Creator of Crap). In other words, you’re so creative that if you don’t have enough to do you will create disasters to keep yourself entertained. Again, not your best choice but one we tend to make.

Hence Douglas’s prescription to add more to your life. It will get your creative juices flowing and if you actually look at what you would enjoy more than a disaster it can be more creative and lucrative as well. You would not choose that for what reason?

The sense of excitement created by all these projects is a great remedy for life’s little setbacks. As Dr. Dain Heer, Douglas’s business partner and frequent co-author puts it, “When you’re creating so much, you don’t have time to worry about the little thing that isn’t working.” By creating so many projects you create a plethora of choice for yourself. When something does not turn out as the success you had hoped, you have many directions to choose from as you go, “Next?”

If not finishing things is a source of your overwhelm, forget about it. Have you ever considered that you finish things to the exact extent that you require and no more? What if there were nothing wrong with that? What if you got the awareness you were looking for from the project and activity? If you didn’t buy others’ judgments of you for not “finishing one thing before you start another” would you have to force yourself to do to satisfy others’ judgments and expectations?

If your overwhelm comes from bills or financial woes, it’s easy to conclude that you should “cut back” on expenses. But does cutting back create expansion or contraction in your life? Doesn’t contraction just beget more contraction? Will that ever create expansion of any area of your life, including your money flows?

Isn’t expansion of your life what will also create more fun in your life? Isn’t adding that fun and sense of dynamic motion in your life an invitation to come to the party of your life?

When you try to “get money” without a sense of fun, “that’s like having a party with no music, no dancing, no food, no drinks and expecting everyone to show up anyway,” says Douglas.

When your overwhelm comes from bills, “Create more instead of cutting back,” says Douglas. It’s not only more effective, but it’s also a lot more fun and a lot more creative. Isn’t that creativity the ultimate source of joy and abundance of all kinds in your life?

Another of Douglas’s tools to handle overwhelm if you’re in debt is to look at these as past expenditures instead of debt. The word debt sounds so close to death and most of us have died in debtors’ prisons in one lifetime or another. Debt is a modern form of slavery. If you pay off a $40 dinner by making the minimum payments that dinner could cost you $200.

Douglas does recommend handling your past expenditures, by paying them off and then only using credit cards to the extent that you can pay them off every month. Taking a look at exactly what it costs you to live each month can be very helpful here. Include not only required expenditures like rent and utilities, but also entertainment, Access Consciousness® classes and whatever else is required to have the life you’d like to have. Then ask the universe to show you how to create that amount each month or more.

Many people underestimate their expenses and believe they’re getting by, when they’re actually going into debt each month due to being unaware of how much money they actually are required to create to manage their lives.

If your past expenditures still seem overwhelming, divide them by 12. That’s the amount of additional money you would have to generate to pay these off. Let’s say your past expenditures are $24,000. It would take $2000 a month to pay them off. What would it take to generate that much additional money? You would have to do how many more Access Bars® sessions per month, or see how many more private clients, or do how much more of whatever else you do to generate money?

If even that is too much you could change your point of view on that, or you could divide it by 24, which is the amount it would take to pay it off in 2 years.

If your overwhelm is having too much to do instead of too much to pay, Douglas’s advice is simple. “Hire somebody to do what you don’t like to do.”

Amazing as it may seem, there are lots of people who actually like to do what you don’t like to do. If you’re a connector who likes to talk to people all day long, you might find you become even more creative when you can hire someone to do your bookkeeping. If talking to people drives you nuts cause you can’t get any of your valuable business work done, you might like to hire a connector who can talk to those annoying beings for you.

If you hire someone who likes that sort of thing, they’ll probably be better at it than you are and you’ll be more productive when the tasks you dread are removed from your life.

Are you overwhelmed by all these great suggestions? Here’s a summary:

  1. Ask yourself, “Would an infinite being really choose this?” If they wouldn’t, why are you?
  1. Ask, “What can I add to my life?” to handle the overwhelm and increase your income.
  1. Figure out exactly what it costs you to live each month and ask how to create that, as well as what’s required to handle your past expenditures.
  1. If your overwhelm comes from too much to do, hire someone to do what you don’t like doing.

How much more fun can using these tools enable you to add to your life?



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Nov 24, 2013

Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular article!
It is the little changes that make tthe mot significant changes.

Many thanks for sharing!

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