Wailer of Grief

October 01, 2013

Originally I wanted to tell you what the book was about, the amazing story of using the Access tools, the sadness of dying and the joy of finding something different. The weird and wacky stuff, like past lives and entities and channeling…

But that felt so heavy. I then asked my friend Stephen Outram to ask me a question and his question was the same question that he asked when I was writing my first book Curing the Incurable: “Why did you write this book?”

The power is asking the question, the question opens doors to an infinite number of possibilities that you could never think of. As soon as Stephen asked me that I sat down and wrote this article.

I wrote this book because I am so incredibly grateful for Access Consciousness®. The tools when I apply them have totally changed my life. And when I first started Access I was literally dying! I had come to so many conclusions about healing that I could not receive any other possibility that did not match what I had already decided and was stuck in a viscous cycle of right and wrong.

I wrote this book as a story telling of all the weird stuff that occurred when I started to use the tools. Yes I have used artistic license to allow the book to flow and to add some more fun. Through out the book I refer to the tools because I want to gift the world these tools to those that want a different possibility.

That gratitude thing is so amazing the more I step in to the vulnerability of being the freedom of not holding on to the rightness of my point of view the more magic shows up for me. And that is the gift that this book ‘be’s,’ it is the account of the weird magic that shows up when you use the tools.

Oh and the title, ‘Wailer of Grief’, actually came from a clearing statement that Gary Douglas (founder of Access Consciousness) gave me years ago when I was stuck in the misery of disease, it was something along the lines of; what energy space and consciousness can I be that would allow me to be the wailer of grief I truly be? I ran it for six months and my whole life changed. Woohoo so grateful, so grateful for YOU too!

Liam Phillips

Liam is an Access Consciousness facilitator and you can find out more about Liam and classes he has coming up at LiamPhillips.AccessConsciousness.com



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Oct 1, 2013

I really hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I did writing it! Liam

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Bret Rushia

Oct 23, 2013

This book is truly wonderful and fun. The gratitude for Access, the tools, and just living in general shine through every page. This is not just a book of tools. Sure the tools are included, but what Liam doesn’t tell you is his mastery of taking you through the possibilities in how he sees the world. The way he writes is seductive and rather invigorating to read. There is life in these sentences, in these words.

What would it take for there to be more of these kinds of fun, life changing books i the world?

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