Lots of Helpful Secrets Lurk in Talk to the Animals

October 23, 2013

Have You Found Them Yet?

Quick! When might you use Exit Stage Left in connection with clearing entities? No idea? When did you last read Talk to the Animals?

What’s Exit Stage Left? It’s an Access Consciousness® process that can be performed verbally, including at a distance, as well as hands-on. It is very useful for beings—human and animal—whose bodies appear to be finished, but the being seems to be stuck in their body anyway, inexplicably unable to let go.

While the common assumption is that the animal or person “cannot let go of their body,” what’s actually occurring, Access Conscousness® founder Gary Douglas has discovered, is that they are not connected enough to their bodies to realize that they have choice. Performing this process allows them to have choice, resulting in either an easy painless passing, or a miraculous recovery.

Hidden in what’s commonly referred to as “the animal book” are lots of gems, including many tools you would otherwise have to take the Access Consciousness® core classes to learn.

“Hidden in what’s commonly referred to as “the animal book” are lots of gems, including many tools you would otherwise have to take the Access Consciousness® core classes to learn.”

Many an Access facilitator has been surprised by someone whose exposure to Access is minimal—an Access Bars® class or perhaps listening to some downloads, for example—who are using some of the more sophisticated tools correctly. As often as not, the answer to the question, “How did you know how to do that?” is “I learned it in the animal book!”

Entity clearings, the clearing statement, and all kinds of body processes—the secret to using all of these is revealed in this short, information-packed gem of a book.

Ssssssh! Don’t let out the secret! Everything that is used on animals also works on people. The only difference is that it works much faster on animals. Animals and children are much quicker to let their poop go, co-authors Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer have observed.

“People tend to examine their poop to look for yesterday’s corn and last week’s tomatoes before they think they can let it go,” Heer often says. “Animals say, ‘I can feel better? Let’s go! I’m all for it!” Energetic healing processes that take 60-90 minutes on humans are often completed within 15-20 minutes on horses, dogs, and cats.

The Access Consciousness® healing methods are not restricted to those animals. Suzy Godsey, who conducts animal healing workshops worldwide, has also worked on fish and rats. Douglas’s repertoire extends to monkeys, whom he’s found to have implants, and cougars, inhabited by very unhappy human entities.

“Ssssssh! Don’t let out the secret! Everything that is used on animals also works on people… only… it works much faster on animals. ”

There is one aspect of the book that does not apply to people, and that relates to one aspect of clearing entities. While it’s not uncommon for humans to say something stupid like, “In my next lifetime I’d like to be a horse running free,” which creates their coming back in that kind of a body, animals do not tend to reincarnate into human bodies.

“Their point of view is, ‘Why would I be that stupid?’” says Douglas, best selling author.

Animals can also be partially inhabited by ghostly beings of inappropriate species, however. Gnus, giraffes, dogs, and cougars are just some of the misplaced entities Douglas has located in horses and assisted in clearing. (If you want to hear more about this topic, you can check out this radio show with Suzy and Shannon O’Hara)

Are you still wondering what Exit Stage Left has to do with entities? When an entity takes over a body or part of it, the real owner of the body has to disconnect from it. The resulting disconnection of the real owner from its body can be handled by the process Exit Stage Left.

Everything discussed in this article can be found in greater detail in “the animal book.” The use of Exit Stage Left with entities is on page 86.

The Talk to the Animals book is available from the accessconsciousness.com shop, where you can also find the recording of a 2-day class, The Animal Kingdom. Suzy Godsey, who is now the coordinator of Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider, has done many telecalls and radio shows on our relations with animals. Her radio show, Conversations with Dog, can be found Blog Talk Radio and her website is Suzy-Godsey.com



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