What’s Your ‘Create or Die’ Story?

October 23, 2013

by Lisa Murray

Does creating give you energy and expand your universe, or do you prefer to just ‘keep on going’ even if you feel like dying most days? Is NOT creating actually sucking the life out of you?

Six years ago I had severe burnout. I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t stay out of bed for more than about three hours at a time. I could not see any possibilities for creating beyond where I was in my life (which looked great on the surface!). Except it was killing me – literally!

What changed everything for me and gave me a new life far beyond what I ever imagined, was beginning to create from a totally different space.

Before the burnout I would create because I could. I would contribute because I knew how. I would create because I was aware of a different possibility. And most of all I created from necessity. I was so aware of the projections and expectations of others, that all I ever did was fulfill the needs of the people around me. Exhaustion was just the start of what I was actually creating. Not my brightest choice. (I’m cute though!!)

What changed the burnout and the ‘less than’ choices I was making was the choice to create for me. The choice to create beyond what I knew. The choice to create from possibilities rather than problems.

My new sense of creating started small. I began to write everyday. And yet, that simple daily practice has leapt and grown into so much more than I ever imagined. My writing reaches thousands of people now. And writing led to speaking… and speaking is leading to all sorts of amazing possibilities for creating that I never imagined possible not so long ago. So a seemingly ‘small’ choice was actually a big one! How does it get even better?

And the choices that seemed the biggest on the surface have often created the least for me. Now, my perspective on big choices and small choices is entirely different! I’ve stopped creating the ‘less than’ choices that fit me neatly into other people’s realities. I’m not looking for the choices that other people consider big, I’m asking for the choices that will create the most change and possibilities in my world and universe. It’s different! Really different!!

So I have a question for you. When you allow your life to be ‘less than’ is that a contribution to a creative, generative, sustainable future, or is it a way of pretending that you are small, weak and powerless and can’t change anything that truly matters?

We tell ourselves all sorts of crazy stories about what we can’t be, do or create (I personally know this one rather well) and yet, when we ask that brilliant Access Consciousness® question: “If I create this what will the world be like in 50 years, 100 years or 500 years?” it becomes difficult to ignore the contribution we truly could be and receive!! And it never shows up how we expect it will.

In acknowledging all I already know about creating, I am also aware that I haven’t truly even scratched the surface yet… there is so much more to discover! Creating is the adventure of living for me. It’s the possibility of expanding far beyond anything that has ever existed. It’s what allows me to thrive in the moment rather than pretend I’m dying.

What is creating for you? Would you be willing to perceive and receive a different possibility for your reality and the world?

Would Gary Douglas’ Create or Die class change everything beyond your wildest expectations? If you attend this class, what will your life be like in 5 years? There is a live class in Chicago, pods all over the world and you can also join online! What would it take for you to choose to create with us?

Lisa Murray is the founder of Creativity Lab, a Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator and she is hosting a Create or Die pod on the Sunshine Coast (Australia). Register at: www.LisaMurray.AccessConsciousness.com or you can find a class in your area at www.GaryMDouglas.com/CreateOrDie.



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Angela Kovacs

Oct 24, 2013

Hi Lisa , 🙂

I just like to thanks this blog . Thank you !
aa yes i just awere how all my life if all this about,create or die .
And so many things that i not get …
when i was a littlie i bealived what i create with my creativity it is a death , so i limited all my creativity ? I was diying many years and just few years before i choose differently . Many diying project is with me but with bars and access consciousnes proccess i get discover what if im not so bad and terrible when i think ? Sorry about my English .
My English is not enough and my money not enough for this course now, but i just like to say i hope Gray not cancel this course and once i can buy it.
When i read this blog shokyng the cry . I required this courses from myself and manifested in any way any time and any place .
Thank you thank you all this blog :))

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Lisa Murray

Oct 29, 2013

Hi Angela
Wow, how does it get better than that? And what else is possible now? You are also welcome to check out www.AccessConsciousness.TV for some free info on creating – I did a class recently in Copenhagen which may also allow you to discover more about what’s right about you! What if each day, you ask to outcreate yourself? I wonder where that could take you?

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Nov 6, 2013

Those are some pretty spot on first paragraphs. My friend and I eloquently use the term “creatively constipated” to describe when you HAVE to express your creativity or your ‘system’ can become almost infected and shut down.lol

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Elif Guler

Nov 7, 2013

Love it love it love it 🙂 Thanks Lisa.

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