Is Your Horse Haunted?

October 14, 2013

Did you know that if your horse is showing anti-social, erratic, or otherwise unexplainable behavior it could be because it has an entity in it?

Okay, you’ve heard of haunted houses, but a haunted horse?

Yes, indeed, says Gary Douglas, best-selling author, founder of Access Consciousness®, and horseman extraordinaire. He’s been featured in several

feature-length videos called Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider, and is co-author with his business partner, Dr. Dain Heer, of the book Talk to the Animals.

An entity is an energy with a defined identity. You are an entity, but you also have a body. An entity without a body is commonly known as a ghost or spirit. They can take up residence in another being’s body without realizing that they’re stuck.

Douglas has cleared all kinds of entities from horses, with phenomenal results.

A friend of his had a horse that was the funniest looking horse he’d ever seen. The horse had large, tall shoulders, while its back end tapered into nothing. “It was the most god-awful looking creature I had ever seen,” recalls Douglas.

When he asked if it had an entity of another species in its body, the answer was yes, and the animal that came up was a gnu. Apparently a gnu at a zoo in Texas had died and the being or spirit found this horse’s body as the next best thing to occupy. After Douglas cleared the gnu entity by sending it back to Africa, the horse’s appearance totally changed.

When Douglas saw the horse a year later, he did not recognize it. “It was the most stunning animal I’d ever seen. Its neck had totally changed, its legs which had been crooked had changed, and its mane and tail had grown long and beautiful.”

When does an entity take over a horse? It usually occurs during some kind of traumatic event, such as surgery requiring anesthesia. In the case of the horse-gnu, it was the traumatic event of birth that triggered it. The horse’s being that had been born with the body was still there, but when the gnu’s entity was removed, the horse was free to inhabit its own body for the first time.

Another horse thought it was a dog. It sat on the owner’s porch with its front legs between its back legs, just like a dog would sit, and it drank out of the dog’s water bowl. While horses are normally herd animals, this horse could not get along with the other horses in the paddock and had to be separated. When the entity was cleared, the horse could get along with other horses, it abandoned its perch on the front porch, and it started to lie down like normal horses do.

This entity clearing process is easy to learn. Douglas once demonstrated this at an advanced consciousness workshop in Costa Rica where the facility included horses. “Does this horse have an entity?” he asked participants. “What kind?”

The consensus was that it did, a giraffe entity. When you ask an animal what kind of entity it has in it, it will flash a picture at you, says Douglas. Participants looking closely at the horse’s head noticed a certain distortion of its face to looked somewhat giraffe-shaped. When the entity was cleared, the horse looked more like a normal horse.

Through decades of experience in clearing entities from both humans and animals, Douglas has discovered that the infinite beings that the animals and we are greatly prefer to come back in the same type of bodies again and again. So if you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “In my next life, I’d like to come back as a horse running free,” you might want to choose again. Do you really want to exist on hay and grass alone and be at the mercy of predators like mountain lions and wolves and even human beings?

When an entity ends up in the wrong body, trouble ensues. It was the dog in the horse that liked to sit on the porch that made the other horses in the herd shun it. Human entities coming back into horses are equally unpopular with the four-leggeds, Douglas has found.

When a human entity occupies a horse, the entity’s thoughts affect the animal. Sometimes the entity is trying to get out of the horse’s body. This can show up as irritating behaviors like walking on you, stepping on you, or falling on you, says Douglas. Removing the entity can create a possibility for the horse to change.

How do you remove entities? It’s very simple, using the Access Consciousness® tool of asking questions. You start by asking if there’s an entity in the horse. If you feel a lightening up when you ask the question, that’s an indication the answer is yes. Then you ask other questions, starting in the present and going to the past. This looks like, “Who are you? Who were you before this? Who were you before that? Who were you before that?” This gives the entity that is trapped in the horse’s body the awareness that it has choice. When you then ask, “Who will you be in the future?” the entity can see the path to get a body of its own.

Does it ever occur the other way around, that animal entities come into human bodies? Generally not, says Douglas. “Human entities will go into animal bodies, but animal entities won’t go into human bodies. Animals aren’t dumb enough to want to occupy our bodies. They would want to be a human for what reason? Animals don’t want to go to work! That’s why they have you. You’ll go to work for them and earn their livelihood.”

The tool of entity clearing and many, many more for facilitating animals and improving communication with them are included in Douglas and Heer’s book, Talk to the Animals. It’s available on amazon.com as well as on their website, www.accessconsciousness.com. Several DVDs on animal communication, including a recording of a two-day workshop, called The Animal Kingdom, are also available there.



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