3-Day Body Class and the Advanced Body Class – What’s The Difference?

October 13, 2013

What does the Advanced Body Class (facilitated only by Gary Douglas) offer that’s not offered by the 3-Day Body Classes that are facilitated by the Certified Body Class facilitators worldwide?

One way of looking at the 3-Day Body Class is as if it were a cafeteria. It includes nearly 60 processes that can change just about anything in your life. A frequent question asked by participants in that class is, “Which body process should I use for ______?” (Fill in the blank for the complaint, disease, or diagnosis you’d like to change.)

Of course, the truest answer to that question is, “Ask your body.” Consciousness and healing are so non-linear.

And it’s also true that the 3-Day Body Class has processes for everything from acute injuries to long term and potentially life-threatening diseases.

(Of course, legally we have to say here that nothing in this article or the class is intended to substitute for advice from your medical doctor.) If your symptoms or disease mysteriously go away, your doctor may conclude that you were mis-diagnosed in the first place. Or he may be open-minded enough to say, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it.”

What might the off-the-wall non-linearity in facilitating your body look like? One woman, who knew her 26 year old disabled daughter with a mental age of 7 had not had sex, found the greatest change in her daughter after running a process for sexually transmitted diseases—the one process in the book the mother thought would not apply.

Another woman found her body was asking for a process that allows the body to release the damage from radiation exposure. Only later in the class did she reveal that her slight accent was because she was from Romania, and she had been camping in the vicinity of Chernobyl when it exploded. Even though that was long past from her thinking point of view, her body remembered. Both the basic and advanced body classes are an experiential opportunity to discover how much your body actually knows.

Asking questions and following the energy are the most reliable tools, even though they may seem iffy and uncertain according to the medical and professional answers you’re used to getting.

The Advanced Body Class goes beyond dealing with any specific problems or complaints. It started out with only 3 processes, each of which was run individually and repeatedly, both during and after class.

As it goes in Access Consciousness®, more processes are discovered each time the class is offered. Sometimes a process that will eventually be included in the basic 3-Day Body Class (or classes offered by Body Process facilitators) is first introduced at the Advanced Body Class. This occurs simply because the new process/processes were discovered before they had time to filter into the 3 Day Class.

The Advanced Body Class is much more than just getting rid of symptoms, diseases or wrongnesses in the body. It’s really about moving into the greatness of being embodied. Since being embodied includes not just your physical body that you walk around in, but all aspects of this reality, the Advanced Body Class certainly affects your whole life as well.

It’s not about the wrongness or problems of any of it. It’s much more about living in the question of what else is truly possible, and what else is truly possible when we take that giant step of acknowledging how we take our bodies along for the ride on the river of consciousness.

There’s one more thing. Although some intensities can certainly be released during both the basic and Advanced Body Classes, for the most part these processes, both gifting and receiving, feel absolutely scrumptious.

What if it were the greatest gift you could give your body? What would you choose?

The pre-requisites for the Advanced Body Class are attendance at two basic 3-Day Body Classes and completion of Access Consciousness® Core classes through and including Levels 2 & 3. These can be completed either live or on-line.



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