You Are Invited to Experience Freedom from Abuse That Has Not Been Possible Before: Would You Like a Life of Kindness, Joy and Ease Instead?

February 16, 2013

Have you been abused at some time in your life? Have you tried without success to get past it?
What if it were now possible to get beyond the limitations that created, with more ease and thoroughness than ever before possible? This is the target of the current teleclass with Dr. Dain Heer and Gary Douglas, “Beyond Abuse: Creating a Life of Kindness, Joy and Ease.”
The much-celebrated end of the Mayan calendar marked not the end of the world (have you noticed?) but the end of time-as-we-know-it, according to Access Consciousness® founder and best selling author Gary Douglas.
What has that got to do with abuse? In part, the answer to that question depends on what you know.
Yes, it’s Douglas and Heer that are conducting the call, but as always in Access Consciousness®, the expert is you. Every single person that shows up for a class (whether in person, via live-stream on the internet or by phone) has keys to unlock everyone—you know something no one else knows, and when you reveal it, everyone will be freer. How cool is that to apply that Access-wide principle to the topic of abuse?
This call, which starts February 19, promises to look at abuse from a different angle than has been considered before. Most of Access Consciousness® comes from a different point of view, which creates more freedom for people in many ways. Because this call is occurring now, after the end of the Mayan calendar and the unraveling of time as we’ve always known it, Douglas expects more clarity and freedom on the subject to occur.
“Most people tend to create their lives and their futures from the past,” Douglas has noticed. With this point of view, is it possible to go beyond the limitations of the past? If the past includes abuse of any kind, it’s particularly destructive to continue to create your life from that past. The shifting of time that occurred with recent energetic changes on the earth will make letting go of the past both easier and more necessary. What might that create that is beyond what you have previously been able to imagine?
Douglas has long had a different point of view on abuse, which has stemmed from working with many people worldwide who have suffered what might be considered by many to be heinous abuse.
One young man Douglas was working with had suffered almost every kind of abuse you could think of, from having his naked body beaten with a belt buckle to being sexually abused by an uncle at age 6. Being psychic, Douglas saw the pictures of what the young man had suffered. He took the point of view—rather natural to any caring adult—that no child should have to suffer what this young man suffered. To his surprise, by Douglas taking that sympathetic point of view, it locked up the young man’s life and shut down everything he was trying to create in his life.
When Douglas unlocked this by asking questions, he discovered that the young man had actually known that he would suffer this abuse before coming into his body and he had actually chosen it. By his suffering the abuse, at the age of 6, he created a change in his uncle so that he never abused anyone else again, and he is to this day a staunch fundamental Christian. The young man knew that he could take the abuse and was willing to do so to protect other children. He is today not a victim of this abuse, but a caring and potent healer of many.
Another woman Douglas worked with had “suffered abuse” at age 9 by her 16 year old male cousin. This traumatized her so much that despite years of therapy, she was practically non-functional in her life. She and her family lived with her parents.

Douglas asked questions, trying to untangle what was keeping this woman so tied up. When he asked if revenge was involved, thinking that the older male cousin was getting revenge on her by abusing her, the woman blurted out, “Yes, I swore I’d get even with that so-and-so and this time I did!” It was not the answer Douglas was expecting, but it was true.

To this day, the cousin, who had been her father’s favorite, is an outcast from the family and living as a drunk on the streets. Douglas invited the woman to let go of her own commitments to this revenge, and she was able to get a job and create a normal life for herself and her family.

The 6-call series will be conducted live, with participants able to email questions in advance as well as ask them online. Recordings are provided, for repeated listening and added clearing, as well as to make the calls available to those who are not available to listen to them live. Written copies of the clearings and a recorded loop of the clearings for additional replays are also included.
Could this call be just what you’ve been asking for to create more kindness, joy and ease in your life?


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joe wilson

Mar 7, 2013

How do you protect against absorbing someone else’s pain,(pain body), while giving a bars session. I’ve experienced this and it was no fun. We are in each others energy Fields after all.

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Mar 9, 2013

Anything you are aware of at any time including when you are running Bars please ask “Who does this belong to?” if it lightens up at all it is not yours. So return to sender.

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