Have You Given Up Hope?

February 14, 2013

When you give up hope, even thinking about happiness is enough to make you want to cry! Right now, there’s a lot of people who are sitting in the ultimate sadness… that space where they have given up hope. What if something else could be possible?
One amazing thing about Access Consciousness® is the variety of tools available that can move people from unhappiness and depression, to having a sense of hope and possibility again.
On this excerpt from the Happiness Is Just A Choice seminar, Dr Dain Heer and Gary Douglas discuss the pragmatics of how things CAN come together instead of keep falling apart. (And there’s a really useful clearing process in this one too… are you ready for more happiness and more hope for the future?)
Hope shows up when you create more possibilities and more choices. Possibilities and choices come from awareness.
‘When you’re willing to be aware of everything you begin to have the choices of everything.“ ~ Gary Douglas
What’s the first step in becoming more aware? Actually there’s two. Firstly, play this audio over and over so that the clearing process can work its magic in creating different choices for the future. And then gift yourself the possibilities that Access Bars® opens up. This is the gentle energy process that saved Dr Dain Heer’s life 13 years ago.
Would you be willing for your life to move from no hope to hope-full? To go from unhappy to happiness? Using these simple Access Consciousness® tools you can!


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