Could Your Body Be the Key to Getting Out of Your Relationship Rut?

August 15, 2012

Do you feel like you date – or marry – the same man or woman again and again, only in a different body?
Access Consciousness™ has some tools you may not have considered to get you out of this relationship rut. The key to this tool is your own sweet body.
Access Consciousness™ founder and best-selling author Gary Douglas has discovered some hands-on body processes that anyone interested can learn, and have the potential to change ingrained patterns that you haven’t been able to change otherwise.
Like all Access Consciousness™ body processes, these processes involve light touch without pressure on specific locations while inviting the energy of the particular processes to run.
One process, the Magnetic Attraction to the Repulsion of All Sexual Energies and the Restoration of All Generative Sexual Energies Embodied, was discovered when Douglas was working on his business partner, Dr. Dain Heer.
When Douglas and Heer get time in their demanding schedules to run a body process, it can run for quite some time and they are in the habit of watching TV while doing so. This habit made a unique contribution in this case. While Douglas was working on Heer, a sexy blonde appeared on television. She embodied everything that is “sexy” in this reality—which is to say she demonstrated all the judgments we call sexuality—without having any of the nurturing, caring, healing sexual energy that actually nurtures our bodies and our beings.
Sexuality, as the word is used in Access Consciousness™, refers to the judgments of this reality about who we will and will not receive the flow of sexual energy from. As infinite beings, we should be able to receive the caring, nurturing, expansive, healing energy of sexualness from anyone without the necessity to copulate with any of them. Very often those who appear to be sexy from the point of view of this reality are radiating sexuality without any sexualness available in their universe.
Douglas watched in amazement, as Heer’s body seemed to jump energetically towards the screen where Miss Sexuality-without-Any-Sexualness was appearing. “Wow, is there something in our bodies that actually attracts us to someone who actually has nothing of what we’re really looking for to offer?” Douglas wondered. The answer he got from the universe was a resounding yes, and this process was born.
When Douglas or Heer recognize an energy that has the potential for others to use it in bringing more consciousness to bodies, they use it for a while to get familiar with it, and then they ask for its name so it can be taught to others. This particular process is actually two processes in one.
Sexuality not SexualnessThe first half describes what Heer’s body did when it wanted to jump off the table towards the blonde demon from hell. His body was actually attracted to the energy that repulsed generative sexual energies. So the first half of the process was named after that energy that it will be releasing—that magnetic attraction to the repulsion of those generative sexual energies we should be looking for.
The second energy included in the process, the Restoration of All Generative Sexual Energies Embodied, describes what the process returns to the body. Of course, we should embody all generative sexual energies, and we would if we were functioning as the infinite beings we really are. But sometimes we buy into a limitation or two when it comes to our bodies and we function as a bit more finite than we could be. Have you noticed?
The processes are run concurrently.
Douglas has noticed that many people enter into relationships that are destined to become disasters, and he has long been puzzled by his clients’ inability to see the future disaster which was so clear to him. He was hoping that undoing this programming might also have the effect of unlocking our refusal to see the future. While this did not necessarily occur in all cases, it may occur for some people who are willing to have it.
A second relationships-related body process has just been added to the book of the 3 Day Access Consciousness™ Body Class (open to all who have completed through Level 1 of the core classes). It’s called the Auto-responder Systems for Sex and Relationship. It’s another “real cooker,” meaning the light touch required to activate this energy can have a surprisingly intense and deep effect on your body and your being.
Both of the hands-on processes described here are taught in full in the 3-Day Access Consciousness™ Body class, facilitated by 5 facilitators world-wide. In addition, they are also offered by Body Process Class Facilitators in half- or full-day classes in which one or two processes are presented. There are 200 of these Body Process Facilitators worldwide. More information about these classes can be found at www.body.accessconsciousness.com.
In addition, Douglas’s latest book, Right Body for You, is a compilation of many techniques and clearing processes designed to connect you further with your body, including being able to hear what its wisdom is on matters concerning it. These include not only eating and exercise but also money and many other topics. Right Body for You is available from www.accessconsciousness.com as well as from amazon.com


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May 10, 2014

Very interesting article, but from a oneness perspective, I find the use of the phrase ‘blonde demon from hell’ a bit surprising. She is another human being, on her own unique journey, not in touch with certain aspects of her wholeness yet.. not a ‘demon’!

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