Additional Immune Systems

June 06, 2012

“Why don’t animals get old like we do?” Access Consciousness™ founder and best-selling author Gary Douglas wondered one day. “Do they have some kind of anti-aging immune system?”

As often happens when Douglas asks his wild, weird and wacky questions of the universe, he got a wild, weird and wacky answer: “Yes.”

Douglas got to work asking more questions about these immune systems and how they might be activated. As usual, when he has explored issues regarding the body and healing it, his cohort in these discoveries was bodywork extraordinaire, Dr. Dain Heer.

Experimenting by working on each other’s bodies and using the gentle Access Consciousness™ hands on body work, Douglas and Heer discovered not one but three additional immune systems. They are the anti-aging immune system, the anti-sexuality immune system, and the anti-MEST immune system.

The anti-aging immune system is self-explanatory. It includes everything you’ve done to make every birthday significant. It defines where you are in the scheme of things in this reality, but also in the scheme of what is actually workable and possible with your body. Everything you’ve bought about what has to happen as you get older, suppresses the anti-aging immune system.

The anti-sexuality immune system is the immune system that makes us immune to the judgments of this reality, which age us. Locking the judgments of this reality into your body ages your body and causes it to break down.

What’s the connection between sexuality and judging, you might ask? Sexuality as Douglas and Heer use it is always a judgment. It’s defining who you will and will not receive flows of sexual energy from. When you consider that sexual energy is the caring, nurturing, expansive, generative energy of life itself, you can see that it might not be in your best interest to refuse it! Yet we do this all the time, usually based on the erroneous belief that if we receive sexual energy from someone, we have to copulate or have sex with them.

MEST is an acronym for the Matter, Energy, Space and Time reality—the limited contextual reality we have been buying of the illusion we have to function within. It’s all about the rightness of this reality: what you’re supposed to get that you’re not getting, how wrong you are for not getting what everybody else gets, how to get it right so you can finally get this reality to work. The Anti-MEST immune system unlocks you from everything you’ve made right about this reality, and wrong about you for not fitting into it.

Cool, three new immune systems! Sign me up, you may say! The amount of verbal processing and Access Consciousness™ bodywork that’s required to enable you to receive the benefits of activating these amazing systems is just one illustration of how thoroughly we’ve been programmed over 4 trillion years NOT to be able to access the amazing healing potencies of our bodies.

Much as Douglas and Heer would like to unlock and turn on these immune systems for everyone who desires them, they have found it is not possible. Extensive experience receiving the bodywork included in the Access Consciousness™ Foundation and Level 1 classes, as well as the 3-Day Access Consciousness™ Body Classes, is required before your body can begin to receive the gift that is possible from activating these immune systems.

These processes, including how and where to run them, and the verbal processing that’s required to proceed them, are only covered in the Advanced Body Class facilitated by Gary Douglas.

The pre-requisites to attend these classes include doing the “core” classes—Access Bars™ through Levels 2 & 3–as well as three-day Body Classes currently facilitated by 5 facilitators world-wide. Taking the 3-day Body Class twice is required. These classes are required so that you are capable of receiving the profound change that can occur in your body with the activation of these systems.

Have these extra immune systems been validated by science? Not yet, so don’t go looking for any double-blind studies just yet. Just because science hasn’t noticed them yet doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The changes experienced by participants in the Advanced Body Class who received them were profound. And remember, the frequent order of events is that consciousness discovers these weird things, and then science later catches up. Do YOU want to wait for the scientific version? Or would you rather have the potency of your body to “youthenize” right now?



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Jul 2, 2012

That is just the greatest news How can it get any better than this?

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Jul 11, 2012

What would it take for Gary to come to Ireland for his next Advanced Body Class??

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Alexandra von Hahn

Jul 14, 2012

 Hi Gary, would Abu Dhabi be of interest to you, or Berlin?
Abu Dhabi

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