Access Consciousness Advanced Body Class

September 04, 2011

Have you heard about how awesome the advanced body class is, so you’re rushing through the requirements so you can come to the next class?

Your desire for more consciousness for you and your body is commendable—but rushing to get to the advanced body class may not be your best choice.

“It’s not about getting through it,” says Access Founder Gary Douglas. “It’s about changing your body to become all that it can be. It’s not about getting rid of anything or curing anything. It’s about generating your body from a whole new place.” This process takes time.

If you haven’t already been gifting and receiving MTVSS and the other body processes you’ve learned in one body class, start now! Give your body as much as possible time!

The minimum requirements to participate in the advanced body class are taking two of the three day Access Consciousness Body Classes 3 day body process facilitators and having done at least 20 sessions of MTVSS in those spots only discussed in class. “This is the minimum requirement,” says Gary. “It’s better if you’ve done much, much more.

The purpose of these pre-requisites is to provide as much potential as possible for participants to get the most out of the class. Gary apologizes for not being clear about this earlier. It was only after the first Advanced Body Classes that he realized that the more Access bodywork people had received prior to the class, the greater the benefits they could receive from the class.

So how can you get ready for the advanced Body Class? Do as much as you can of the body processes you do have. If you’ve done Foundation and Level 1, you can do both cellular memory and MTVSS again and again, allowing your body more and more ease. What if the using the body processes you already have could provide the ease that you thought you’d have to go to the Advanced Body Class to get?

Then where would it be possible to go with the Advanced Body Class when you and your friend, your body, are ready?



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