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Would You Like a Way Out of Your Own Personal “Matrix” Movie?

September 07, 2010

Have you ever noticed that the classic movie “The Matrix” bears an uncanny resemblance to your own life? Is that a scary thought? Would you like a way out?

The opportunity to tear off those grime-tinted glasses is exactly what’s offered by participation in the three basic Access Consciousness classes called “The Bars,” “Foundation,” and “Level 1.”
The manuals and classes of Access Foundation and Access Level 1 are full of tools that empower you to undo those knots that keep you tied into your own personal version of “The Matrix.”

“Whenever there is something you haven’t been able to change in your life, there is some aspect of unconsciousness that’s keeping you stuck,” says Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas.

What kinds of issues might change if you unhooked from your matrix? How about money, relationships of all kinds, your sex life, body issues, and anything else that creates angst or upset of any kind in your life? What would it be like to no longer be at the effect of others or the world? What would it be like to no longer buy into the illusions and lies of this reality?

How could one approach unlock so many different issues? Access Consciousness has a way of getting to the issues underlying all these limitations so that they can change with more ease than you might have imagined possible before now.

One of the tools you learn in both the first two class, “The Bars,” and “Foundation” is the Access Consciousness clearing statement. The clearing statement is a question coupled with a series of phrases that ask the universe to clear the source, or point of creation, of our limitations. The gift of this clearing statement is that no analysis is required. The universe knows where the point of creation (POC) of the problem is, and it will easily change it energetically if we just ask. By changing the energy of anything, you change how it shows up in your life. What is the most easy way to change the energy? Use an Access Consciousness clearing statement.

The classes themselves, as presented by licensed Access Facilitators, are a living demonstration of the Access tools. One of these tools, for example, is using questions instead of answers or statements. Facilitators assist participants in discovering their own limitations by asking questions about what participants themselves know.

Unlike some approaches which attempt to teach you to use their answers correctly, Access emphasizes questions. Questions elicit what you know – and in Access’s point of view, the expert on you is YOU. Facilitation in Access classes is about discovering, through those questions, what you know, rather than about telling you what anyone else has decided or concluded the answer may be.

If you are getting the idea that there is something quite different about Access, you are correct. It’s not for everybody. As Access founder Gary Douglas says, “It’s wild, it’s weird, it’s wacky…..and it works!”

If nothing else has worked for you, then might Access just be what you have been looking for all your life?

How to choose where to begin for you? It’s easy to find out. Another Access tool is, “If it’s light, it’s right (true for you). If it’s heavy, it’s a lie.” Which facilitator or class feels light to you?
You can also apply “if it’s light, it’s right. If it’s heavy, it’s a lie” to anything in your life. To anything you read, hear on the radio or T.V., or what anyone says to you. This is one of the first tools to start getting out of the Matrix.

You can start to experience Access by attending a simple and relaxing one day class called “The Bars.” Or you could try an individual session. “The Bars,” can begin to change your life in just a one hour session.
Next is Foundation class, then Level 1 class. They are each two days and give you the foundation of information you have been missing, that allows you to not only step out of the Matrix, but have the ability to change anything in your life that isn’t working for you, as you would like.
Facilitators listed on the Access Consciousness website offer live and phone sessions that utilize the clearing statement and questions, as well as hands on sessions in the Access bodywork.

You could just find that you have nothing to lose but those grimy Matrix glasses. How does it get any better than that?



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