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OCEAN 300 ~OUR WATER OUR WORLD Changing the Legacy of Plastic Contamination for Future Generations

September 07, 2010

Ocean 300 updates:
We are excited to have come such a long way in a short space. What began as a target to sail 300 people on a Sea Voyage to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the North Pacific Ocean, has transpired into setting up a not-for profit organization in New Zealand and adding to the awareness of plastic waste and its affect on the environment particularly the ocean.

The Sea Voyage to the North Pacific Ocean

300 participants and crew will sail in September of 2011 to the most remote regions of the Ocean. One common denominator to be seen are tracks of plastic criss-crossing for miles as seen by a friend who chartered a plane to witness the site last year. Some reports state these floating plastic islands to be twice the size of Texas and 300 metres deep.

With the plastic continent affecting the ocean, marine life and the Albatross colonies, is now the time make a difference? At last count, scientists discovered the volume of plastic in this area of the Pacific was six times that of Krill! Fish that eat the Krill size pieces of plastic are dying and the other larger animals such as Albatross mistake the larger objects as food.


As a passenger of Ocean 300 you are required to:

• Complete the application form on the website www.ocean300.com . Gary will be screening the applications and you will be contacted if successful
• Practice activating the energy of Molecular De-manifestation and De-molecular Manifestation. This is a requirement to invite the molecular structure of plastic to change.
• Raise funds for your Boarding Pass – fact sheet coming soon.
• Gary will be gifting classes during the Sea Voyage – how did we get so lucky?

We invite you to:
• Facilitate Molecular De-manifestation and De-molecular Manifestation (MD & DM) workshops in your community – Information on how to run this workshop coming soon. Gary has asked that all money raised go to Ocean 300 otherwise these workshops be taught for FREE.
• Let us know your MD &DM workshop dates and we will happily advertise on Facebook and the Ocean 300 website.
• Volunteer to be the MD & DM Key contact person for your state or country.

Volunteers are required on the following committees of Ocean 300:
• Communications & Media (key contact: Diva Diaz)
• IT (key contact: Stephen Outram)
• Pacific Project (key contact: Vanitha Subramaniam)
• Fundraising (key contact: Sharon Gibson)

Do you know if you have connections that can assist with Sea Vessels?

If you require further information or have any questions, or have information – please contact us:

Vanitha Subramaniam +64 21 650 705; vanitha@ocean300.com
Sharon Gibson +64 21 244 2811; sharon@ocean300.com



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Deborah Riddle

Sep 10, 2010

Save the ocean and the life within it…yes please! Further to this project…what magic can I/we be to continue changing the world on the level of ignorance to the amount of plactic we throw away, and the damage this does to our amazing planet. BE YOU AND CHANGE THE WORLD! and WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE?

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Apr 9, 2011

I only came across Access Consciousness today and have been finding out all I can about it. As a volunteer diver helping with Mediterranean conservation and constantly cleaning up underwater trash I applaud your mission to clean up the Pacific garbage patch. I’d love to join you on it.
There are some things I don’t understand about not holding judgements or points of view:
1. Doesn’t this attitude make us pushovers for people who do hold strong opinions?
2. How can we contribute to debates on say marine conservation without a point of view that overfishing and trashing the oceans are bad?
3. How can we set goals and stay motivated if nothing is significant or meaningful?
I know you’re not into answers but I’d really appreciate some interesting points of view.

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