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What Can You Do to Heal the Earth that Leaves Your Carbon Footprint in the Dust?

August 03, 2010

The current administration has finally allowed the US government to acknowledge the reality of the greenhouse effect and global warming.

What about you? What steps are you taking to minimize your own carbon footprint? What if the most potent actions you could take involved not curbside recycling or buying an electric car but changing your own consciousness?

One tool for increasing consciousness is asking questions. Questions empower, whereas answers disempower. Just about anything that’s a statement, ending in a period, is a conclusion or answer. Once we have arrived at a conclusion or answer, only information that matches that answer, can show up for us. What if we applied this principle of using questions to increase consciousness to planet earth?

“Everyone assumes we must stop global warming,” says Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas. “But does anyone actually ask the earth what it would like?” Seen from the earth’s perspective, is global warming necessarily a bad thing? Or do we humans just assume it is because we resist change so much?

“The past two thousand years have been a period of the least climate change and geologic instability in the history of the planet,” according to Douglas. “This resistance to change on the part of humans that has reflected itself in events on earth, as consciousness always does,” says Douglas.

The earth’s patience and tolerance of us is running out, he observes, and this explains the increasing number and intensity of “natural disasters” we are experiencing. Most people, when asked, do find that the frequency of natural and meteorological disasters – from volcanoes to tornadoes to floods to recent temperature extremes in China, North America and Europe, which recently experienced “November in May” in countries from France to Sweden – is increasing beyond any they have experienced.

We change-resistant humans resist and label natural events as “disasters” when they upset our plans and sense of how things should be. What if they were not a disaster at all from the earth’s point of view? Lots of people with green sympathies refer to earth as Gaia, a goddess, but how many of them actually ask this being whose intelligence and consciousness they acknowledge, what she would like?

Daring to ask this question can reveal some interesting information. Douglas has been asked repeatedly for assistance and advice on the oil spill which continues unabated at this writing in the Gulf of Mexico. It has recently been labeled the worst environmental disaster in US history. According to Douglas, (who has been practicing his psychic abilities and teaching others to do so as well for 20 years, worldwide.) “The earth considers this disaster necessary in order to wake us up. From the point of view of the earth, stopping the oil spill before the necessary awakening occurs is not what the earth desires – no matter how tragic others of us regard the damage to the marine life, landscape, and natural beauty.”

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent decision to discontinue his advocacy of additional oil drilling off the coast of the Golden State could be seen as an example of the wisdom of the earth’s point of view in this. What if this disaster were awakening people to changes that were required to be made to avoid far greater environmental disasters?

We tend to jump to conclusions about what’s good and what’s bad. Why do we not ask the earth and its non-human residents, the animals, questions about what they are conscious of? When a number of whales and dolphins beached themselves repeatedly on both coasts of Australia last year, everyone sprung into action to “save the whales.” Again, Douglas points out, we did not ask the animals what they knew, or are asking of us, any more than we tend to ask the earth what it knows.

“Animals are more conscious than we are, and they do not have a point of view about death,” according to Douglas. “The animals are happy to sacrifice themselves if it will create more consciousness in humans – the only beings on earth who actually function from unconsciousness and anti-consciousness. The Australian whales sought not to be saved, but to awaken us to our abuse of the earth that has nurtured us for so long.”

What, you may say? How can animals which don’t even talk or think be conscious? Consciousness is awareness that includes everything without any judgment of it. Plants, animals and the earth do not judge, they are just aware. Consciousness not only goes beyond cognition and thinking, but it doesn’t involve or require thinking at all. Animals are conscious without thinking or language, just as babies are born as conscious beings, even though they do not speak the verbal language of their parents at birth.

If you choose to stop judging you or others as right or wrong and good or bad, you will begin to become more conscious. By becoming more conscious, you will become more aware of what you could be choosing differently that would actually contribute to healing the earth.

In addition to asking questions, another way consciousness could be applied to benefit the earth, according to Douglas and his business partner, Dr. Dain Heer, is by looking at the effect our emotions have on the earth. The anger, rage, fury, and hate that so many project are actually more damaging to the earth than the most noxious toxic waste.

An illustration of this that Douglas cites is the Middle East. Considered the homeland and birthplace of many of the world’s religions, what those of any faith who incarnate there have in common is a commitment to these negative emotions, as well as a conviction that their own points of view are irrefutably correct and superior to everyone else’s.

The recent attack by Israel on a humanitarian aid caravan to Gaza demonstrated the extent to which one state would go in using military force enforcing its points of view on civilians. This is just the most recent example in the news. Plenty of examples can be found of unbridled expression of anger, rage, fury and hate committed by all sides, with all of them considered justified from the points of view of those who committed them.

“Look at the landscape of most of the Middle East,” says Douglas. “Is it lovely and lush and green, or is it barren and overwhelmingly desert-like? The barrenness of the landscape in this territory where war has been an on-going reality for millennia is a reflection of the anger, rage, fury, and hate projected daily by so many of the region’s inhabitants,” he says.

“The natural state of nature and the earth is abundance,” says Douglas. “Nature abhors a vacuum and will fill it in with greenery, any greenery, in days. It’s only when we humans interfere with it by projecting the toxic waste of our emotions that this abundance does not manifest. If we would choose to be conscious of the effect of our emotions on the earth, we would personally be making a huge contribution to healing the earth,” say Douglas and Heer.

If we are to have an emotion, gratitude is one of the most healing energies we can be, not only for the earth, but for everybody we come into contact with. Gratitude has no judgment. You can not have gratitude and judgment at the same time, it is either one or the other.

Another interesting phenomenon relative to earth changes, consciousness, and the bodies of those of us upon the earth which Douglas has been observing recently is bodily sensations occurring which are both awareness of the earth and cries for assistance from the earth.

“Anyone who has an ounce of healing ability now is being called upon to give to the earth the energies which it requires,” says Douglas. “We have been operating on consumption of the earth for so long; we really need to change to a concept of stewardship, where we are not the owners and exploiters but the caretakers of the earth.”

One way in which we are being asked to facilitate the earth is through physical ailments showing up in our body which are an indication of the earth’s requirement and request for healing. This can also take the form of awareness of earth changes like earthquakes that are otherwise considered “unpredictable” by conventional science.

In the two weeks preceding the Chilean earthquake, for example, Douglas received calls from 15 people asking what he knew about what was going on in their bodies. On questioning them, he was able to determine that their physical symptoms were a manifestation of their awareness of what was happening on earth. Further questioning revealed an awareness of future earthquakes, in the southern hemisphere, centered not in Asia or Australia or Africa, but in South America. Within days, the 8.8 point earthquake occurred in Chile.

Others Douglas has worked with experienced a variety of intestinal complaints prior to the volcano in Iceland. These clients experienced various states of eruption, and soon thereafter, the earth itself erupted via the volcano in Iceland.

How can you determine if the physical symptoms you’re experiencing are really information about what’s happening with the earth? It’s as easy as asking a question.

Focus on the symptom or area of discomfort in your body and ask, “Is this mine? Someone else’s? Or something else’s?” Whichever of these options feels lightest to you is correct. If the answer is “something else’s,” then in every case so far that Douglas is aware of, the sensation has turned out to be information being given to us from the earth, using our own bodies as its medium to communicate with us, as well as a request for healing. If you will acknowledge that you hear the earth’s communication with you and are willing gift whatever energies it is asking for in that moment, usually the “discomfort” will lesson or disappear all together in moments.

“Most of us have energetic healing abilities which are unique to us,” says Douglas. “The earth is now requesting that we express those healing energies by sending them to her. When people receiving information in this way focus on returning to the earth any of the healing energies they possess which would be useful to the earth, their own body symptoms most often abate or disappear entirely.”

You can do this, too. All that’s required to do this is ask that whatever energies you already are that the earth is asking for, be given to the earth right now. You don’t have to know how, you don’t have to know exactly what energies to send or what they are called, you just have to be willing to be them and send them. If you are getting physical symptoms which are an expression of the earth’s demand for healing, the earth is demanding those energies now. You don’t have to meditate on it or make an intention, you just have to be willing and play with it. Have fun, see what you notice, do it in the moment when you notice a discomfort in your body. Notice if it changes or goes away.

So, how about you? What do YOU know that could contribute to healing the earth? What if you could make your unique contribution right now? You can! Will you?

Gary Douglas is the author of Talk to the Animals and 5 other books on consciousness. More information about his books, seminars and teleseminars can be found on his website, www.accessconsciousness.com.




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Anne Bjennes

Aug 7, 2010

Hallo Gary!

You are so right about this very important matter. Today me and two of my
friends took contact with the earth and send her a lot of energies and healing and back in return we all felt that we got gratitude and love. That was great experience. We will do this again soon and continuing help the earth to heal and change.

Thank you for the inspiration.
Anne, Emma & Eva
From Sweden

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