3 Tools to Outcreate Labels of Autism, ADD, ADHD and OCD

If we’re to believe the news headlines, ADD, ADHD, OCD and autism is rampant in our children — and that’s a very bad thing. Not so, says founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas. “For us, it’s actually the mutation of the species to a higher order, not a lesser order. And it’s not nearly as […]

Finding Your Voice in the World

What have you decided you absolutely cannot say, that you truly could say? As a kid, did you get into trouble for always saying the most inappropriate thing?  Were you scolded for talking too much or paid to keep quiet? If you’ve got the idea that your voice has less value, for whatever reason, it’s […]

I didn’t know my life could be this awesome

“I didn’t know my life could be this awesome.” To paraphrase the American poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau, “The mass of people lead lives of quiet desperation.” On the surface, their lives appear normal but inside they’re in turmoil. Special days like World Suicide Prevention Day are intended to smash taboos and raise awareness […]

What is your calling in life that you’re not hearing?

The idea of a “calling in life” may seem rather old-fashioned – priests are supposed to be called by god, barristers are called to the bar — but it’s still very relevant today. Nowadays we talk about having a purpose in life, which is nevertheless significant and serious. A very different perspective on “life purpose” was […]

The Space Beyond Words…and Access Bars

There’s a truth that animals and nature share in; that babies are born knowing. Nothing is fixed and immutable. Everything is changeable, possibilities abound and we have barely begun to know ourselves. Yet embroiled in the turmoil of daily living, the majority of the world is oblivious to this. “We have this weird point of […]

Do You Choose Everything You Don’t Want in Relationship?

When do you choose and when do you lose?  Dain was exploring this topic on the Access Consciousness show on Voice America recently. For one listener, choosing to have a relationship — even after using the Access light/heavy tool* — usually meant losing her independent lifestyle. Is it possible to have a relationship that’s fun […]

Finding The One and Other Relationship Myths

It was Shakespeare who said, The course of true love never did run smooth… Does this scenario sound familiar? You think you’ve found The One, who is amazing, loves you totally and doesn’t judge you. But circumstances, or family and friends then get involved and your relationship turns into a trauma and drama. You so […]

4 Questions to Create Greater Possibilities

“The world wants to give you everything you desire.” Quote from Gary Douglas found in his new book “Blessed Possibilities” Access 7 Days Events are full of life-changing questions, tools and processes designed to catapult you into a new reality. Imagine being in a beautiful environment where the land and the surroundings contribute to you […]

Bars – the gift

It’s 4:20am and I’m being awoken by the sounds of the birds welcoming in the new day. Each of them has their own story and song to share with the world and it seems that only now I am able to hear it. Yesterday I was given a very special and unique gift that at […]

Change Your Money Situation with Chaos

Sometimes, and for no good reason, we create patterns that dominate our lives and seem impossible to change. There are patterns of creating debt, or unhappy relationships. Patterns of falling out of jobs. Patterns of living life as a series of never-ending dramas. “Any time you have a pattern there’s a point of order that […]