Letting Go of PTSD: Can A Question Change Your Life?

Is It Possible To Let Go Of PTSD: The One Question That Changed My Life By May Lloyd   “Is it yours?” the facilitator of an Access Consciousness X-Men Class asked me. It would have been so easy to respond with, “Of course it’s mine! I was sexually abused when I was younger. The PTSD […]

Let Go Of PTSD

Is This Even Relevant?

What are you making relevant about your body that isn’t? Have you noticed how often new research on anything to do with bodies such as nutrition, health, exercise and sleep is churned out? So much so that staying on top of it all can seem like an uphill task. Fortunately, there’s an Access tool that […]

is this relevant

When Do You Know It’s Time to Change?

When do you know it’s Time to Change? What is your attitude to change? Do you love it, embrace it, and joyfully jump in with both feet the instant you become aware of a different possibility? Alternatively, do you wait until you’re in excruciating pain to make a change? Perhaps you’ve done both things in […]

time to change

Is it time to throw away your Perfect Man/Perfect Woman Suit?

How many dates have you been on that were fabulous, amazing and totally enjoyable? Or is the reverse more often the case? “Dating was a horrible experience for me,” Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness® acknowledged recently on the Voice America Empowerment Channel. “Everybody was always projecting and expecting what would happen or how […]

What is Access Consciousness?

If you have ever heard of or talked about the Access Consciousness tools, you may know the reaction of other people: “This ‘Access’, what is that exactly?” What often happens then is the struggle for words. How to explain it all? Access offers so much – how could one explain Access to someone who has […]

The Complications of Being Brilliant

Most people don’t believe they’re brilliant because if that were really true then everything in their life would work brilliantly, right? Wrong! The reality is, you can use your brilliance to your advantage or otherwise. Quite some years ago, Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness® was injured in a car accident and couldn’t continue […]

10 Tips to Creating a Great Relationship

The literal definition of relationship is the distance between two things. Are you creating a relationship that creates distance and separation? Or is your relationship contributing and adding to your life? Relationship is a business. How exactly are you running your relationship? What if you woke up every morning and said, “Wow, I’m in this […]

Stop Letting Other People Direct You

We’ve all met the perennial procrastinators, the kings and queens of indecision. You know, those people who are lost about what direction to choose in life. They constantly hope someone else will make their choices for them or lead them in the right direction — perhaps the ubiquitous Siri. Have you noticed that nobody has […]

What Horses Helped Me Discover About Me

Guest Blog Post by Connor Hill, Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Facilitator If you saw the movie Avatar, you might remember how the indigeneous people were in communion with the animals on Pandora. Though we don’t have the same physical neural-connection pathway with animals that the Na’vi do, we can still energetically create a similar communion […]

Are You Creating the Future You Dream Of?

What is it that you dream of? Traveling the world and inspiring people? Having a loving relationship? Do you wish you had a million dollars in the bank? Some years ago, the founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, discovered a property in Costa Rica unlike anywhere else on the planet. It is a beautiful, amazing […]