Have You Missed the Hot Blonde in the Red Ferrari?

Ssssshhhhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone! Some of the most life-changing classes in Access Consciousness are disguised as the little old lady from Pasadena when they’re really as fast and hot as a gorgeous blonde in a red Ferrari convertible! Say what?  Their disguise is NOT sexy—Foundation and Level 1.  Core courses.  Boring names.  Like high school […]

The Access Bars, Addiction And Mental Health

by Marilyn Bradford MSSW, MEd., CFMW Armed with my license to practice psychotherapy, a ton of books and theories as well as an internship with the most prestigious mental health institution in America, I was sure I would change the world!  I took it all very seriously, attending study groups, having very significant discussions, as […]

Can Consciousness Change Your Cash Flow? Pt V

Access Consciousness™ is often described as a set of tools and processes that can change anything in your life that isn’t working. In the previous article, some ways that the “Ten Commandments” of Access Consciousness™ can be used to change your money situation were discussed. This article is the fifth in a series that will […]

Is Doing “Access Bars™ at a Distance” Really Possible?

Would you ask a fish to ride a bicycle? A dolphin to wear a backpack? A parrot to use roller skates? You may doing something just as fruitless if you have been doing Access Bars™ sessions at a distance, says Access Consciousness™ founder Gary Douglas. “This is not Access Consciousness™. Please do not create the […]

Erasing any Trauma

Are you suffering from a past trauma that you can’t seem to get free of? Do you see your life as before that traumatic event and after it?  If there were a tool that could get you free of it, would you be interested? Gary Douglas, best selling author and founder of Access Consciousness™, has […]

Could Touch Heal Your Relationship Issues?

One of the brilliant creations of the collaboration of Access Consciousness™ Founder Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer is an amazing assortment of body processes.  These are taught world-wide by four facilitators of the 3 day Access Consciousness™ Body Class, as well as in evening and day long classes by nearly 200 facilitators of Body […]

What if Pain Didn’t Have to Be Forever?

Your body remembers every trauma that ever happened to it. Or at least it is this way according to what many common body and psychological therapies will tell you. However, what if this wasn’t necessarily so? What if your body actually has just a short-term memory? Would it be easier to release trauma that occurs […]

And You Thought ‘The Place’ Was Just a Novel

No matter how long you’ve been involved in Access Consciousness™ Consciousness, if you’re not constantly surprised by founder Gary Douglas, then there’s a good chance you’re just not paying attention. During one of the Advanced Body Class, Gary waxed a bit philosophical about what it really takes to share the tools of Access Consciousness™, and […]