Access Consciousness Advanced Body Class

Have you heard about how awesome the advanced body class is, so you’re rushing through the requirements so you can come to the next class? Your desire for more consciousness for you and your body is commendable—but rushing to get to the advanced body class may not be your best choice. “It’s not about getting […]

Are You and Your Body Receiving Everything You Could Truly Receive?

The addition of auditory recordings and now live-streaming of Access Founder Gary Douglas facilitating the Access “core classes” of Foundation and Level One have made it possible for anyone with a computer anywhere in the world to have access to this phenomenal information. How does it get even better than that? There is one yummy […]

When Was The Last Time You Experienced True Relaxation In Your Body?

When Was The Last Time You Experienced True Relaxation In Your Body? “As I fell from the top of the mountain, I tried to slow myself down, jabbing with my feet and my hands. It didn’t work. I went over a 100-foot drop, and I was free-falling and gaining speed all over again. What ensued […]

Is Your Body an Ease or a Burden?

What if the areas of your life that are not ease joy and glory, are areas where you have a lack of consciousness or awareness? A unique aspect of Access Consciousness is that Gary Douglas, founder, and his business partner, Dr. Dain Heer, extend this question to include your body. Indeed, they say, it is […]

Can Access Bars Change Your Life?

20 years ago Dr Dain Heer had got to a point where life was misery, suffering and no hope. It seemed like there was no viable way to change his life for the better. From this unhappy space, Dain decided that the only option for him was suicide. He made a demand of the universe:  […]

Prison Bars shadow Access Bars

The change you’ve been looking for

Take one area of your life that you want to change. It could be something that hasn’t been working for a while. Imagine if that changed. Even if it only changed to 50%. What would your life be like? What if you truly could create the change you’ve been looking for? *Our videos are subtitled […]

the change you've been looking for

Can Skin Reaction be Soothed With Energetic Facelift?

Author: Anita Loos The caterpillar (known as a “Bastaardsatijnrups” in the Netherlands; English translation is a bastard satin caterpillar) was on my client’s (Judith) skin for a second. This was enough for it to shed its burning hairs on her skin, which almost immediately gave this huge reaction: her skin turned red, felt like it […]

soothed with energetic facelift

From Rejuvenation to Reverse Aging – Have You Tried The Access Facelift?

Anti Aging is Big Business It seems there’s lots of people interested in reverse aging. In 2015, the global anti-aging market was worth over $140 billion USD. By 2021, it’s estimated that this number will grow to over $216 billion USD. (Market Research Engine) That’s a lot of money being spent by people around the […]

reverse ageing