Is It Worth Considering an Alternative to Anti-Depressants?

Is it time to question our reliance—some would say, over-reliance—on antidepressants to ease the pain of depression, which seems to be so common these days? A 2010 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that anti-depressants such as Paxil are only effective for the most severely depressed patients.  Only the most […]

What If We Tried Something Really New to Reform the Schools?

The U.S. spends more per pupil on education than any westernized country except Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. Yet our students fall near the bottom in math and science when compared to the students of other countries.  Although class sizes are smaller and spending has increased 123% per pupil from 1971 to 2006, academic performance […]

The First Access Learning Center

Access for Knowledge’s Lifetime Learning Center New York, USA First Access Learning Center in suburban New York is going strong. Christine DiDomenico, Director and Teacher at the Access Learning Center, has been successfully continuing the work of Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness. The results students get when they apply the questions and processes from […]