Would You be Willing to Step Beyond Anyone Else's Limitations?

Coming back from a trip to Costa Rica yesterday, I landed in Fort Lauderdale where I had to go through immigrations. I had 1 1/2 hours to catch my next flight. Cool!, I thought. Until I saw the line… Hmmm. After 1/2 hour of labyrinthal ‘snaking’ in the overcrowded small room, I got an awareness […]

Are You Looking to be Truly Original?

For years now I’ve been wondering what the hell is going on with me in one specific area of my life. No matter how hard i tried, I couldn’t write a solid article for the life of me. I had a very difficult time creating. Everything I did just seemed like it wasn’t special enough, […]

Traversing The Creative Ebb And Flow

By Kalpana Raghuraman This is an article about how I use the tools of Access Consciousness® in my work as choreographer: traveling over the world creating dance performances and using these potent tools to bring arts and consciousness together. I love traveling for my work. I get to meet all kinds of people, learn from […]

Is Your Horse Haunted?

Did you know that if your horse is showing anti-social, erratic, or otherwise unexplainable behavior it could be because it has an entity in it? Okay, you’ve heard of haunted houses, but a haunted horse? Yes, indeed, says Gary Douglas, best-selling author, founder of Access Consciousness®, and horseman extraordinaire.  He’s been featured in several feature-length […]

Are You Always Looking for the Best in Your Partner?

What Would It Take for It to Show Up? Do you believe people are innately good at heart, and that they always choose what’s best for them and others? Are you sure that someday, hopefully soon, your partner will step up to being everything you know they can be? Are you doing everything you can […]

You CAN’T Repeat an Access Class!

Did you know that it’s impossible to repeat an Access Consciousness® class? How so?  There are many reasons! One reason is the effectiveness of the clearing statement.  That familiar “POC and POD” goes to the point of creation of the issue being cleared and makes it disappear as if with a poof of Harry Potter’s […]

What If Grief Wasn't What You Thought It Was?

Grief has been defined as ‘Pain of mind, in account of something in the past.’  How many of us are actually grieving without even realizing it ? How much is part or all of us being pulled back into the past (whether that is yesterday or last year), by traumatic events, loss of someone or […]

Would You Like to Destroy Your Blocks to Receiving Right Now?

One of Access Founder and best selling author Gary Douglas’s favorite saying is, “Ask and you shall receive.” In answer to the questions he’s frequently asked, he says, “Receiving isn’t blocked, it’s refused!” Refusing to receive what you’ve been asking for—what’s right about that you’re not getting?  What would it take to change that?  Would […]

Laughter clears more than tears

“Laughter clears more than tears,” best selling author and Access Consciousness® founder Gary Douglas is fond of saying. Science is now finding that this is indeed true. It was Sigmund Freud who wrote about the necessity of focusing on “grief work” nearly 100 years ago, in 1917. Recent studies are showing that this focus on […]