3 Ingredients For Success

So you desire to be a success? What if you’re already successful but just don’t know it? In a highly illuminating Voice America Radio Show, Founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas delved deeply into success, what it means and when do you know you are actually succeeding. Ironically, a majority of people calibrate success by […]

The Earth Needs You

The next time you feel sand between your toes or watch an amazing sunset remember this — the earth needs you. “Good planets are hard to find; let’s be nice to this one,” Dr Dain Heer said recently on Voice America’s regular radio show Conversations in Consciousness. “What if you recognised that both energetically, and […]

What Would You Choose If You Were Being You?

What would you choose if you were being you? Sounds like a strange question, doesn’t it?  I mean, logically, who else would you be? But seriously, how many times have you tried to be someone that you are not?  Every time you alter your behavior to fit in, or to better suit the situation, or […]

Access Bars and the Science Behind It Made Simple

What showed up when Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, neuroscientist and executive director of Center for Cognitive Enhancement,  interviewed Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer about energy, space and consciousness, the Access Bars and the science behind it made simple? Here’s the replay of this lively discussion as well as a few highlights from the show! Dr. […]

Access Bars session

Business Innovation Through Asking Questions

People have always told me that the way I do business is different. I may indeed have a slightly different point of view about most things in life – and I’ll change my point of view on a dime. I question everything all the time. Innovation occurs when you are willing to be in the […]

Quote from Gary Douglas

What is Right About This I am Not Getting?

When things seem to “go wrong” do you find yourself coming to conclusion that they are wrong?  That might sound like an odd question.  You come out to your car and your tire is flat.  You get sick right before your vacation.  The raise or new job opportunity or business doesn’t pan out the way […]

3 Tips For Ease During Pregnancy & Birthing

There is a lot of information that comes at you when you’re pregnant. Almost everyone has decided there is a “right way” to be pregnant and a right way to do “birth” and they love telling you about it! What if there isn’t a “right way” to have a baby? And, what if you couldn’t […]

Letting Go Of Judgment

We live in a world of judgment: This is the right thing to do, this is the wrong thing to do, that person is being very inappropriate, that person is always so kind. Yet what does judgment create?  Is it a contribution to our lives or is it destructive? I’ve looked at the process and […]

Would You be Willing to Step Beyond Anyone Else's Limitations?

Coming back from a trip to Costa Rica yesterday, I landed in Fort Lauderdale where I had to go through immigrations. I had 1 1/2 hours to catch my next flight. Cool!, I thought. Until I saw the line… Hmmm. After 1/2 hour of labyrinthal ‘snaking’ in the overcrowded small room, I got an awareness […]

Are You Looking to be Truly Original?

For years now I’ve been wondering what the hell is going on with me in one specific area of my life. No matter how hard i tried, I couldn’t write a solid article for the life of me. I had a very difficult time creating. Everything I did just seemed like it wasn’t special enough, […]