Ending the Lie of Pathetic – OCD/Xmen?

You’ve got to love how we function sometimes…We would rather put ourselves in the position of an underdog, or even a loser, than be seen as an arrogant asshole. Co-creator of Access Consciousness® Dr. Dain Heer said, “I see so many people…who are truly brilliantly creative and aware but the lie they’ve bought about themselves — […]

Letting Go of PTSD: Can A Question Change Your Life?

Is It Possible To Let Go Of PTSD: The One Question That Changed My Life By May Lloyd   “Is it yours?” the facilitator of an Access Consciousness X-Men Class asked me. It would have been so easy to respond with, “Of course it’s mine! I was sexually abused when I was younger. The PTSD […]

Let Go Of PTSD

Access X-MEN

Is it time to discover what disability labels really are? What if this is just the beginning of what else could be possible on the planet? accessconsciousness.com/xmen

The Gift of Being Different

At almost every class I give, I let people know at the beginning I have ADD, OCD and autism rolled into one! Which means…. I often don’t complete sentences. I go on to other subjects in the middle of describing a particular thing. And, my brain moves really…FAST! A lot of us that are the […]

Xmen Being Different

3 Tools to Outcreate Labels of Autism, ADD, ADHD and OCD

If we’re to believe the news headlines, ADD, ADHD, OCD and autism is rampant in our children — and that’s a very bad thing. Not so, says founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas. “For us, it’s actually the mutation of the species to a higher order, not a lesser order. And it’s not nearly as […]

To Follow the Rules or Not?

Guest Blog Post by Jeni Be For most of my life I have struggled to get it right; to do it correctly. Form, structure and relevance of “the right way” was high on my to do list. Every day. It ran my life! When writing an email, for example, I would always look at it […]

Traversing The Creative Ebb And Flow

By Kalpana Raghuraman This is an article about how I use the tools of Access Consciousness® in my work as choreographer: traveling over the world creating dance performances and using these potent tools to bring arts and consciousness together. I love traveling for my work. I get to meet all kinds of people, learn from […]

Could The World Use A Little Crazy, Right This Very Minute?

“We could use a little Christmas, right this very minute!” declares Auntie Mame in the award-winning hit musical, “Mame.”  Mame, often portrayed by Angela Lansbury on stage, was looking for an out-of-the-box way to change some financial hard times she and her young nephew Patrick were suffering. With the unprecedented, drastic, and relentless change that’s […]