What IS an Access Consciousness Body Process?

What is an Access Consciousness® Body Process? What if you know more about this than you think you know? For instance, if you’ve taken The Access Bars® class or had a Bars session, you’ve already received a body process! In The Foundation, another 4 day Access Core class, you also learn and “run” several body processes. By “run” I mean […]

MTVSS—The Great Body Process that We Could All Use More Of

What’s MTVSS?  Is it MTV on steroids?  No, not exactly! MTVSS is one of the oldest of the many amazing Access Consciousness® Body Processes.  Like all the Access Consciousness® Body Processes, it is very gentle and requires only light touch, without pressure or manipulation of any kind.  It feels deeply relaxing, creating a sense of […]

Your Body Knows

Were you ever taught, when you were growing up, that your body knows? “When I was growing up, nobody ever told me my body had its own awareness and sense of what it desires and requires…” Your body has its own awareness? What?! What if your body has an immense awareness of what it requires […]

your body knows happy bodies jumping

What If You Didn’t Have To Fix Your Body?

What if there wasn’t anything wrong that you had to fix your body? There is one thing that we all have in common. We have a body. Yet so much of our interaction with our bodies is looking at what we’ve decided is wrong with them.  If there was nothing wrong with your body, would […]

fix your body

Bring Your Body with You

Did you know you have a body? Stupid question right? Or is it? How often do we ignore our body completely? Or, if we’re not ignoring it, we’re judging it. Comparing it to others. Not liking certain aspects of our body because we’ve decided it’s less than perfect. And yet, our body just kindly, faithfully […]

3 Tools to Stop Suffering Your Body

Are you suffering your body or enjoying it? Most people, if they are aware of their body at all, emphasize the “problems” with it. They focus on their pains, illnesses, discomforts, signs of aging, or the many other judgments about bodies. What about you? Consider what tends to come up for you when you look in […]

3 Tools to Enjoy and Love Your Body

Guest Blog Post by Heather Nichols, CF Our bodies are incredible, alive, sensorial organisms that have so much awareness about so many things! When we ignore our bodies, or wish we didn’t have to pay attention to them, we cut off so much awareness that might actually really contribute to our joy and the flourishing […]

Change Your Body with These 3 Tools

Guest Blog Post by Megan Hill There are so many tools in Access Consciousness that sometimes it can be interesting to know what to use and when! There are tools to change your money situation, tools to change your relationships, tools to change your mood, etc. And then there is the magic of the Access Body […]

Enjoy Your Life and Your Body

Guest Blog Post by Shannon O’Hara Who wants a body anyway? Well at least that’s what I used to think. Bodies can be such an interesting topic and one wrought with so many issues.  It wasn’t even until my literally 10th year doing Access Consciousness, that I started to begin to even realize what a […]