Living a Life Without Limitation

November 29, 2023

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Gary Douglas

Access Consciousness® Founder

Gary Douglas is a bestselling author, international speaker and business innovator. As the founder of Access Consciousness®, a global movement that transforms lives with simple-yet-profound tools, Gary has become an internationally recognized thought-leader, facilitator and pioneer.

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Have you ever noticed how many people try to tell you what your problem is? They say things like, “Your problem is you have a broken heart,” “Your problem is your parents screwed you up,” “Your problem is you don’t have enough money,” “Your problem is the men in your life were abusive, “Your problem is….” Does any of that make you feel lighter? Well, what I have found is that what’s true for you will always make you feel lighter, and what’s a lie for you will make you feel heavier. In this scenario, these are points of views and lies. If you buy the lies, you will limit yourself and what you can create.

Have you ever seen a horse that’s wearing blinders? They can only see straight ahead. When you believe that you have the problems that other people say you have, you are like that horse. You can only see straight ahead. You aren’t able to look beyond certain parameters because you have bought points of view and those points of view guarantee a life filled with obstacles and limitations.

I worked with a woman whose whole life was about the way her father had stopped her from doing things. It was the lie she was using to create the limitations of her life. Once she recognized it, she said, “Well, that’s silly. Why would I choose that? I don’t need to choose that.” She lost that point of view and got to the place where she is now able to choose something different which allows her to go beyond the limitations and create a greater life. If you are willing to lose the points of view that are limiting you, you can choose something different too.

Here are my top three tips for living a life without limitation.

1. Commit to living a life without limitation

If you wish to lead a life without limitation, you have to make a commitment to living a life without limitation. Making a commitment to you is about the willingness to recognize what is true for you and to be that, whether anybody else goes for it or not.

Choosing a limitation of any kind is a choice — not a necessity. You’ve spent your whole life choosing from the supposed necessity of what is ‘right’ to choose based on someone else’s points of view. That’s not a choice; it’s actually a no-choice universe and leads to a life of the status quo. You’ve got to get over the idea of necessity and rightness, clarify what works for you and choose it. Commit to that. Commit to YOU.

Are you willing to commit to you, regardless of anything?

2. Be willing to lose anything

People don’t want to know they can lose anything. They think losing is the worst thing they can do. But if you’re willing to risk losing everything, you open the door to all that is possible. Four times in my life, I have lost everything I owned. I started over again. For me, the idea of losing everything is, “So what? Is it going to kill me? No. Is it going to change things? Yes.” That’s all it’s going to do; it’s going to change things.

You need to recognize that energy never ceases to exist, so you can’t really lose anything, anyway, because energy always is. Energy can change, it can alter, it can take different forms, but it cannot be destroyed. Therefore, the idea of loss is the greatest lie we buy. The reality is that willingness to lose everything is the place where you begin to have true choice.

What have you decided you can’t let go of that’s creating limitation in your life?

3. Let go of who you have decided you are

Are you willing to lose all the things about you that aren’t really you? What about your looks? You created your looks. Your looks are a great weapon or a great tool. You may not be willing to lose them. If you’re not willing to lose them, you create a constant state of judging your looks and in so doing, you create what you judge to be the wrongness of the way you look. You have to be willing to lose your heritage, your nationality, your race, your sexual orientation and anything else you think identifies and defines who you are, because whenever you attempt to define anything, you contract your awareness. Whatever you think you are, you are not. Why is that? Because you, as you, are not definable.

Everything you have decided you are, every definition of you is a front. You’ve got to be willing to lose all the fronts you’ve created that aren’t you, so you can be everything you can be as you, which is infinitely better than the fronts you’ve created as you. You have to honor who and what you are. You have to commit to you before you can receive you. You also have to commit to you before you can receive what everybody else is willing to gift to you.

How much more are you than you think you are, that you are refusing to perceive, know, be and receive?

Living a life without limitation is possible. Commit to having it. Be willing to lose anything including the definitions of you that are not you. Remember, the willingness to lose everything is the place where you begin to have true choice and true choice is where a living beyond limitations exists. Only you can stop you.

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