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November 02, 2023

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Simone Milasas

Worldwide Business Coordinator of Access Consciousness®

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Business in this reality is not based on joy and possibilities which is something I have never understood. Business in this reality is all about proving, doing, coming to the ‘right’ conclusions, making the ‘right’ decisions and creating the outcome that you have decided is best. Where is the joy in any of that? Not only is this approach absent of joy, it is filled with stress and overwhelm.

I would like to invite you to have a different perspective of how you can be in business, where you come out of the doing and into the joy and possibilities of a totally different reality; one that works for you. Imagine operating a business where business does not equal stress and overwhelm. Imagine a business that is created from your awareness and includes the entire world with a global perspective. Business done in this way will create the change in the world that is required and it all starts with you.

Here are three energetic ‘plays’ that you can use to create a business that will change things on the planet – with joy and ease!

1. Where is my energy required right now?

Creation in business has far more to do with what you be, than it does with the actions that you take. Action is also required, but you have to start with the being first and let the action come from there. There can be many things that you think you have to do. Get out of this mindset and ask, “What can I be today and where is my energy required?”

When you are frantic and overwhelmed with everything you think you have to do, you are cutting off your awareness, you are contracting yourself to be small and finite. Interrupt this pattern. Go do something for yourself, even if it is only for one minute or two. Get up and walk around, make a phone call, have a snack; do something enjoyable for you and your body and ask, “Where is my energy required right now? Is it required right now?”

2. Expanding your awareness expands your business

When I became the Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness, we were operating in 4 countries. Now we are in 176. One of the ways I contributed to expanding the reach of Access Consciousness around the globe was by expanding my awareness around the globe. I would wake every morning and reach around the entire planet energetically and ask questions. How do you do this? You just do it, and this is way easier than you might think. Business can be such a malleable place when you are expanding your awareness rather than contracting.

3. Include the contribution of the earth

Every molecule in the universe desires to contribute to you. Will you allow it to? Go out into nature. It can be the ocean, a park, a mountain, any place that gifts to you and your body. If you can’t get out every day, find a plant in your house or a tree in your yard. Tap into that element of nature and connect to the earth through it. Ask what you can contribute to it. Ask what it would like to contribute to you. Allow yourself to experience the receiving that comes from communion with the earth and flow that into your business.

Creation in business is not linear and it does not have to include overwhelm or stress. Ask, “Where is my energy required? Is it required?” Follow your awareness. When you notice that you are acting like a finite being rather than an infinite being, change that pattern by getting up and doing something that is nurturing for you and your body. Wake up every morning and expand your energy and awareness around the globe. Connect daily and commune with the earth, and ask to increase your receiving.

Using these energetics will allow you to be the infinite joy, ease and possibilities that will create the change the world requires. Being you in business makes the difference.

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