Being You

The Secret To Living A Miraculous Life

September 06, 2023

How much are you acknowledging the magic and miracles that show up in your life?

If you’ve been asking for something, and it actually shows up…
When you’re gifted something by someone…
When you are stunned by a moment of beauty…
Do you actually acknowledge it?

Like, really taking a moment to receive “wow! That just showed up!”

“A miraculous life is made up of tiny miracles that are acknowledged.”


So often, we are taught to justify things as the product of coincidence or even hard work.

But, something really beautiful happens when we begin to acknowledge the things that are showing up in our lives as an indicator of the magic that flows through the universe.

And guess what? The more you acknowledge something the greater it gets.

So today, we would like to invite you to start a Magic and Miracles list. This could be a note on your phone or a place to journal – that is just for you, just for fun.

Write down anything that shows up.

No matter how small or big, each acknowledgment invites you to perceive how present magic and miracles actually are.

And, with those acknowledgements comes a gratitude that expands exponentially.

“When you can acknowledge something then you can expand it. When you have it outside of you, you think it is something you have to obtain rather than knowing that you be it, and you can increase it.”

Simone Milasas

Every person we’ve talked to that has tried this out gushes about how much they love acknowledging each thing, and how fun it is to look back over their list to see it all.

We know that life can be challenging, and not every moment SEEMS miraculous. But, the truth is, you existing here, right now, in your sweet body in itself is miraculous.

The probability of this moment occurring as it is, is incredibly, infinitesimally small – and yet here we are!

Ask for magic and miracles.
Expect them.
Acknowledge them.
And you may just be delightfully surprised by what shows up.

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