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What Are The Blessings Of The Universe?

December 28, 2021

A blessing is a wish of happiness pronounced. A gift the universe gives you that you don’t expect.

Too often we look to others as the source of our blessings.

What if we have that wrong, and true blessings come from us and the choices we make?

On our Creative Edge of Consciousness telecall, Gary Douglas and Simone Milasas explored what blessings are available when you enjoy the adventure of living and have fun with it all.

‘Anywhere that you are complacent, whether it’s with business, money, relationships, sex, your body, what if you started to explore a greater possibility?’ Simone queried.

‘The adventure of living is to see what else is possible. What else can I choose? And, what else would I like to choose?’ Gary added.

In truly exploring those questions, Gary realized that he has done many things that nobody else has done. And there is always more available.

‘It’s never really about what you’ve been and done. It’s about what you can choose and what can you create beyond this reality’ he said.

What if you start looking for what the adventure of living is, that you’re not choosing?

‘Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures can I have?’ is one of the beginning tools in Access Consciousness.

Have you defined that an adventure has to be something huge and outrageous; a showstopper like in the movies?

What if the adventure was having a life of ease, being happy, and never having a problem?

Indulge in what life would be like if you were willing to have no problems.

Even if something shows up in your body, why go to the problem of it? Instead, look upon it as a new adventure. This is a new world. How can you use it to create or change something?

As Gary said, ‘For me, the adventure is the fact that I am willing to go where other people are not willing to go. You’ve got to be willing to go where other people will not and cannot. I double-dog dare you to out-create me!’

Challenge accepted, Mr. Gary Major Douglas!

what are you wishing for?

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