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Are You Creating For The Future?

December 22, 2021

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Gary Douglas

Access Consciousness® Founder

Gary Douglas is a bestselling author, international speaker and business innovator. As the founder of Access Consciousness®, a global movement that transforms lives with simple-yet-profound tools, Gary has become an internationally recognized thought-leader, facilitator and pioneer.

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What if now more than ever a space is present where we can create a different future?

A future far beyond what we’ve known based on our past.

People think the reason they can’t create the future is because of the past, so they’re stuck in trying to undo the past rather than creating for the future from now.
History doesn’t matter. It’s what you can create today and tomorrow, not what you created in the past that makes the difference.

If you look to the past as your source of creation, you can’t create a future because you’re always judging your choices and how they are working or not working, which kills you and kills what could be possible in the future.

And every time you don’t choose what you could choose; every time you don’t choose for something that is life changing or reality changing, you are eliminating the space you could actually create from, in favor of where you can die!

Is that the choice you truly would like to make?

If you aren’t aware of what you’re creating, then what happens is you begin die. We literally create our death by deciding what we can’t have. We stop creating from choice.

The other thing is, you can’t create in the future because you’re not there yet. What you have to do is create for the future.

The future is a cob web of possibilities that you can choose from, if you are willing to choose!

To create for the future, you need to create here for what can show up there.

People who live in the future go “I will have”, “I will have”, “I will have”, which means that they don’t have the sense that they have anything now.

When you build for the future, everything you’re doing is about building something that will be for your future.

What would it be like if you were willing to look at the gift you are in life instead of thinking you have to create you as something?

“In the future, I will be rich. In the future, I will be famous. In the future, I will create blah, blah, blah.” What if, instead of wishing your future into existence, you would ask another question: “What would I have to be or do different for this to get created?”

Here are some more questions you could ask to begin to create your future:

  • “What change would you like to see in your life, that you refuse to allow in your life, that if you actually allowed it to show up in your life, would give you a life greater than the one you currently have?”
  • “What change would you like to see in your life, that you refuse to allow in your life, that if you actually allowed it to show up in your life, would give you a life greater than a life even greater than the one you think is possible?”
  • ‘How would you choose? What would be true for you? Are you ready to inspire instead of expire?’

Notice that you can’t ‘work out’ the answers? What if questions open up the possibilities? If you were truly choosing what you really wanted to, how would you live?

What if you are the one person who stands out from the crowd as being that possibility of difference and inspires other people to choose something greater?

Will you choose to BE it?

Every time you make a choice, you actually create something. Is what you are creating enough for you?



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Marlies Elisabeth Graack

Jan 3, 2022

So great!

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