3 Tips To Get Out Of Debt

November 22, 2021

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Whatever your current reality with money, most of us would like to change it into something greater. Whether it’s getting out of debt, increasing the amount of money that comes in each month or investing so that your money grows even more, few of us are satisfied with our money situation and would like to have more.

What if having more money is easier than you think? What if money was as readily available as the air that you breath? Would you be willing to have it? Be willing to enjoy it? Would you allow money to come to you… with ease? If you desire a different financial reality, you CAN have one. The real question is… will you dare to choose it?

Here are 3 tips that I used to get out of $187,000 of debt, increase my money and have the adventure of living:

1. Ask Questions that Invite Money

Are you inviting money into your life or are you pushing it away? Interesting thing, when you have conclusions about money (or about anything) only that which matches your conclusion can show up. For example, if you have concluded that you have to work hard for money, you will always work hard for money. You have decided it is so. It will be so.

When you ask questions, you go beyond everything you have concluded so new possibilities can show up. You can start to ask, “What else is possible that I have not yet asked for?” And, “If I was choosing my financial reality, what would I choose?” Or, “What can I put my attention on today that will increase my money?”

As you ask questions, you go beyond the conclusions that are pushing money away and you open up to the possibilities that will invite money in.

2. Do What Makes You Happy

People often think that when they have money, then they will be happy. It’s actually the other way around, be happy, choose joy and money will show up. Money follows joy. Joy does not follow money.

If you’d like to have more joy, start doing what you love. Don’t decide that there’s no way that what you love will make you money. That’s a conclusion not a question. Get out a notepad and begin writing down everything you love doing. It doesn’t matter what it is. Cooking, gardening, reading, walking the dog, talking to people. Don’t consider whether or not it has value to others. If it’s fun for you, put it on the list. Keep adding to it over the next days and weeks. Then take a look — are you doing enough of what you love?

3. Be Willing to HAVE Money

When I tell people, “You have to be willing to have money,” most people look at me like, “Duh. Of course. Everyone’s willing to have money.” It’s actually not true. Most people are willing to spend money but few are willing to have it. When you have money, you don’t have to spend it. You are grateful for the energy of what it contributes to you.

If you’d like to be willing to have money, not just spend it, try these two things:

Put aside 10% of everything that comes in.

Put 10% away of everything that comes into your life. This is not a rainy day fund. It’s money you have and watch it grow. You can keep it in cash, you can keep it in a bank account, whatever is fun for you. When you ‘save’ money, that means you intend to spend it. This is different, because when you have money, you are making an investment in you and your future.

Carry around the amount of cash you think a rich person would carry.

How different would you feel about your life if you saw a big wad of cash every time you opened your wallet or purse instead of a lot of blank space and some half-crunched up receipts? Practice having money. Carry around the amount of cash that you think a wealthy person would carry.

These tools are the exact tools that I used to get out debt and completely change my money situation. They will work for you too if you will use them. Money desires to come to you. Will you invite it?

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Do you judge the money you don’t have?

Do you like money or hate money?

Do you say you want something different and yet it never shows up?

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