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Two Questions That Changed My Life

July 21, 2021

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Simone Milasas

Worldwide Business Coordinator of Access Consciousness®

Simone Milasas is an entrepreneur, creator, creative business coach, international business owner, author and Worldwide Business Coordinator of Access Consciousness®

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Whilst it may seem impossible for two simple questions to change everything, that is in fact my story. I was a relatively happy person. I created a business called ‘Good Vibes for You’ because I desired to change the way people looked at each other and the world. I was able to travel. Life was mostly good. Even so, I often felt angry, sad, frustrated, overwhelmed, you know, what many people would call a ‘normal’ existence.

With my ‘Good Vibes for You’ business, I often attended expos. During a Mind, Body, Spirit Expo in Australia, I walked past a stand sponsored by Access Consciousness®. A very cute guy was standing there so naturally I stopped to chat with him and in his hands, he had a bowl of questions. He asked if I would like to take one. I pulled a piece of paper from the bowl and read, “Who does this belong to?” I had no idea what that meant so I inquired.

He explained, “You know those days when you wake up in the morning and you instantly feel anxious, depressed, overwhelmed or any other number of emotions? When you feel those things, ask, ‘Who does this belong to?’ If you feel lighter when you ask the question, those thoughts and feelings were not yours. You are just picking up on the people around you.”

I played with this question and it was very freeing to discover that most of what went on in my head, the mind chatter, emotional reactions, stress and trauma and drama were not mine. I was simply aware.

Fast forward a bit, I was getting ready for another Mind, Body, Spirit Expo when I received word that a friend of mine had gone to Bali, been bitten by a mosquito and died. Disclaimer, this is not a common occurrence so no need to change any plans of going to Bali! I remember walking around the expo, and I was so angry and upset. People were talking and hugging as if everything was great and for me, it wasn’t great. I had a stand that I needed to set up in order to prepare for this 4-day expo where I needed to make money and all I wanted was for everything to stop.

In the movie ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral” there is conversation about losing someone. “I want those dogs to stop barking. I want the clocks to stop ticking…” That is exactly what I wanted. Just one moment of total silence where everything would stop so I could be with what had occurred and yet every time I looked around the world was still doing its thing.

I pushed through, got things set up and there I was, in my stand when around the corner came the Access Consciousness Facilitator that had given me the question “Who does this belong to?” and he was with the founder of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas. Gary put his arms out and asked for a hug. I hugged him, sort of. It was a quick hug and then I pulled straight back.

Gary looked at me, was present with me, and said, “Do you know you would be better off if you were open to receiving? You would make more money, your business would be better, you would have more fun and life would be easier if you were open to more receiving.” Out loud I said, “Mm hmm.” Inside I said, “Whatever. You are crazy man. You have no idea what is going on in my life and what is receiving anyway?” I wanted the trauma and drama and I did not like that he was disrupting it.

Fast forward yet again. Today I am a facilitator of Access Consciousness. I am no longer mostly happy. Rather, exuberantly happy. I have created multiple businesses, written books and traveled the world sharing the tools and processes that I daily use to keep choosing and creating more and it all started with two simple questions. If you desire something greater for your life, I invite you to ask these questions too.

1. Who does this belong to?

Especially at this time in the world, this is the question to be asking every single day. Ask it at least 20 times each day. If things lighten up when you ask, it was never yours to begin with. When you decide that it is yours, then you fixate on it and when you fixate on it, it becomes your reality. Ask the question and let it go.

2. Do you know you would be better off if you were open to receiving?

After Gary initially asked me this question, I was angry. The next day I stormed up to him, hands on hips and said, “What you said to me yesterday, what do you mean by that? I thought my job here on earth was to give and you have totally confused me.” We talked. He asked me questions. I do not remember what was said. What I do remember was I started to glimpse something I had never seen before and I knew I wanted more.

I have discovered that receiving is key to having everything you desire in life – with ease – and yet receiving is not something most of us are taught to do. The Access Bars® has been the greatest gift in increasing my willingness to receive. The Access Bars, simply put, are 32 points on the head that when gently touched release the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are tormenting you.

Whatever is occurring in your world today, something else is possible. Relax. Take a deep breath. Ask who does this belong to for every thought and feeling that comes your way. Choose to receive more.

If you really want to have more ease and joy than you ever thought possible, find an Access Bars Practitioner and discover the Bars. You can find more information on Access Bars here.

For more insights by Simone, check out her podcast Choice, Change and Action here.



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