Rediscovering Body Awareness

June 17, 2021

What awareness does your body have?

Have you asked it? Are you listening to it?

Many of us have lost the awareness of our body that we were born with – but that doesn’t mean you can’t rediscover it! When it comes to things like aches and pains, you can ask your body what it requires.

Instead of restricting your food intake, you can ask your body: “what would you like to eat? What do you need today?”

Instead of living life on autopilot, or following the rules you think you “should” follow, what if you allowed your body to tell you what it needs for one day?

If you haven’t explored body awareness and want to add more of these tools to your life — all of June, you can find weekly challenges in our Access Consciousness™ Worldwide as well as some Facebook lives on the Access Consciousness Facebook page.



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Anna Carlsson

Jun 22, 2021

My mind think I should run. My body wants to meditate. Im continuing some Asanas I had to take a break from from our Indian Guru ????

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