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What Is The Gift Of Living?

October 19, 2020

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Are you oblivious to the gift of living? What’s the first thing that most people do when they go on holiday to an amazing location? Take photos, of course! How else do they prove that they had a good time?

The majority of people are trying to prove they’ve had a good life

Says founder of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas.

When you decide to have a life, everything you choose is designed to end it. Life is a completion. Life is past tense.

On a visit to a beautiful seaside in Mexico, Brendon Watt noticed that many of the holidaymakers were oblivious of the earth as a dynamic living presence. That they were oblivious of the gift of living, experiencing and being alive!

“People that are proving they’re having a life, rather than living, don’t even notice the planet,” Brendon Watt adds.

“They act happy, but they don’t receive anything. There’s no appreciation, no gratitude, and no allowance.”

If you’ve decided that something in this world is fun, you will use that to create your life instead of seeking other possibilities.

And, there are so many possibilities available for us in this gift of living that we have. We’re at least a billion times more aware than we’ve previously been willing to acknowledge!

“We have a level of living that we’re aware of in Access that I don’t see anybody else choosing,” says Dr Dain Heer.

“Most people are trying to get the finish line right, so they can die right. And that’s it.”

If you’re living and willing to receive the gift of living, you don’t have to be in sync with everyone else. You will continue to create your business and your life even during a pandemic when there are so many restrictions on what you can do and where you can go.

Look for what else you can create

“A big part of living is you don’t get stopped,” says Dain. “If you can’t travel, it doesn’t stop your life or your sense of happiness. You look for what else you can create.”

Living is an action you take to enjoy what you are creating. The gift of living is the place where you get to choose what works for you in every nanosecond of every day.

Being -v- Proving

When you function from the gift of living, you function from the willingness to BE, rather than prove that you are satisfied with your life.

Being is often misidentified as not doing anything. On the contrary, there’s an action in being.

As Gary explains, “If you’re truly being, you can have anything, create anything and generate anything. If you’re not, you can’t.”

By being all of you, what can you actualize on the planet?

Hint: go bigger and you’ll make the world a better place.

This discussion was part of a recent Creative Edge of Consciousness call where participants get to really “get” the gift of living. You get the possibility to ask your questions “live” and be a part of all the newest processes and awarenesses as they happen.

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