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July 24, 2020

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Simone Milasas

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Convinced you’ll never be happy with your body?

For a lot of people, even those with perfectly sculpted bodies depicted in the media and fashion magazines, they still aren’t happy with their body and judge some part of it and wish it looked different. How is it that so many of us are convinced we’ve got it wrong with our bodies?

Remember the enthusiasm, happiness, and joy you had with your body as a child? Little kids will run, skip, jump, and turn cartwheels till they’re exhausted. They don’t look to exercise, they just want to run around and have fun.

At what age did you start judging your body and trying to get it right?

Believe me, I know this better than anyone.

For years I’ve judged my body. Every morning when I stood in front of the mirror there was this litany of judgment about it. I wasn’t at all happy with my body. All that did was keep me in a constant fight with my body rather than looking for what is actually available. What’s right and wrong never creates anything.

Judgment only destroys

Has anyone judged how old they are and woken up the next morning looking younger?

Whether it’s a big booty, wrinkles, or pain in your body, you cannot judge it away.

Over the 19 years I’ve been using the tools of Access Consciousness, my body has changed a lot and is much happier. I am so much more happy with my body. I even look younger than I did five or six years ago. Do I still judge my body? Not nearly as much as I used to! And when I do, I catch myself very quickly.

Since this pandemic began, I’ve been working out and doing weights almost every day. My body feels great. Then the other day I jumped on the scales and wondered how I hadn’t lost any weight. You will notice that “How is it I’ve not lost weight?” isn’t a real question.

Within minutes my mind went to, “People say that muscle weighs more than fat.”

When I realised I had begun judging my body, I caught myself pretty quickly. If that sounds familiar or you’ve got your version of that story, can we please make a demand right now to end the stories? Judgment only ever destroys.

Imagine if you lived on an island and nobody else was around, how would you be with your body? Would you sip coconuts until you had enough? Would you dance?

Strength in receiving

Here’s the thing, you and your body are with each other 24/7. Would you allow yourself to receive more from your body? There is strength in receiving that few people are willing to acknowledge.

About two years ago I broke my ankle and while recuperating, I had to ask people for assistance. Since I couldn’t place any weight on my foot, I couldn’t even get a glass of water.

The first time I made myself coffee in the kitchen, I realised I couldn’t walk and carry my coffee both. Do you know how vulnerable I had to be? Many people came around and helped me. But then I had to ask further because there were so many things I couldn’t do.

Being vulnerable is not weak; it is not wrong. Vulnerability is a strength. It is also one of the five elements of intimacy. Along with honour, trust, allowance, and gratitude.

What if you started to listen to your body and functioned from these five elements?

Go on a date with the mirror

Here’s an exercise to get you started. Stand in front of the mirror either naked or wearing clothes. Are you happy with the person you see in the mirror?

Admire your body. Be grateful for every single part of it. I’m so grateful that my ankle recovered fully so I can walk and run again. Have you noticed when you become grateful for it, your body sings? You chose this body so why not enjoy it?

Honour your body by being in a constant state of question and not pushing it to do something it doesn’t desire.

Have you ever taken a sip of wine and it tasted like wonderful? And then you have another glass from the same bottle but this time it tastes like vinegar. That’s your body’s way of showing you it doesn’t desire more wine. How often do you drink the whole glass of wine anyway?

Your body doesn’t judge you

Don’t judge what was. You cannot change the choices that you’ve already made.

Today’s a new day, you get to make new choices.

Whatever you’ve decided is wrong about your body, start being your body’s best friend. Include it in everything you’re choosing—whether it is going for a run, making money, your sex life, or your business.

Your body is in a constant state of contribution. Take a moment, relax and receive.

What if today’s the day you gave up control and started receiving the contribution your body is willing to be? What would it take for you become grateful for and happy with your body and really start to enjoy you new best friend?

To discover ways to have a closer communion with your body and get to know your new best friend, here is a range of classes that are all about your body



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