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3 Things You Can Do When Things Go Sideways

March 27, 2020

Do you ever have one of those days when things go sideways and you just need a hug?

We all have days like that, so here are 3 things that you can do to give yourself that hug when those “sideways” days occur:

  1. Recognize you are not wrong, just different

You are unique. Your uniqueness, your difference is a gift.

But it doesn’t always feel like that.

So often, this very gift of your difference is what makes you feel wonky and like things are going sideways. Guess what? You’re not wrong.

Are you highly aware? Ask yourself:

“Am I just aware of things that are going on for other people around me?”

Remember, you are not wrong for being this different. You are not wrong for being that aware and it’s okay to have times when you just need a hug.

What if everything that you’re judging as “wrong” about you right now, was something that actually made you stronger than you’ve ever dared allow yourself to see?

  1. You and your difference is a phenomenal gift to the world.

What is it that you truly are that is a gift to the world and a gift to the people in the world, that you keep thinking is so different that you must be wrong?

So often we spend so much time and energy on trying to fit in and not stand out as different, that it can be challenging to admit the difference that we are.

Let alone embrace our difference and see it as a gift!

Yet, your difference is what makes you unique and your uniqueness is a phenomenal gift to the world if you are willing to acknowledge the gift that your difference is.

  1. What are you not acknowledging about you?

Do you have times when what you would really like is for someone to acknowledge something that you’ve done or achieved?

When it appears that nobody sees what you contribute or acknowledges you for what you are creating, the world can feel like a lonely place.

The trouble with that is, when you are looking for outside validation, for other people to notice and appreciate all that you are and all that you do…

…the acknowledgement that you are truly missing is the acknowledgement that comes from you.

If you don’t appreciate and acknowledge just how gifted you are and all the things that you do, then even if people around you are praising you constantly, you can’t hear it or receive it.

What could you acknowledge about yourself right now?

What if you could receive a hug when you need it? Luckily, you can! Explore here and consider this your energetic cuddle from Dr. Dain as a downloadable audio you can play again and again! You are not wrong, just different and a phenomenal gift to the world.

Owl looking sideways When Things Go Sideways

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