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The Beginning of Access Consciousness

February 13, 2020

The Beginning and Future of Access Consciousness: Part One

Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness sits down with his daughter Shannon O’Hara for an intimate glimpse behind the scenes as Shannon asks her Dad key questions about the beginning of Access Consciousness.

Have you ever wondered:

How did Access Consciousness start?

What was it like at the beginning?

These are some of the questions that Shannon puts to the founder of Access Consciousness and the disarming and surprising responses:


“What it was like in the beginning was a lot of work with apparently no results.

But I had the point of view: never give up, never give in, and never quit.”

The first Access Bars classes Gary ever did, came out of an invitation to go and give a channeled massage.

I didn’t know it was about consciousness.

So initially Gary thought he had to heal people’s bodies before they could choose. And before that choice could lead them to consciousness. Which of course he soon discovered is not the case.

The purpose of Access Bars is to teach people to receive.

Now lots of people may brush this off. Somehow receiving is never the objective in our lives. Receiving is not a quality that is often seen as something of value.

Gary didn’t realise that Access was about consciousness until about a year into Access.

Shannon: “So The Bars help us to access more consciousness?”

Gary: “The Bars unlock us from all the places we have chosen unconsciousness.”

We are taught not to receive and not to BE.

You don’t learn about receiving, perceiving, knowing, and being. It’s not something we get taught at school. As a result, it’s not something that is presented to us as worthwhile.

Very few people outside of Access Consciousness talk about receiving, perceiving, knowing and being eloquently and in ways that we can understand. Or in ways that we “get” what makes it desirable and how it relates to our lives.

If you’re a pragmatist like Gary and are looking for tools that you can apply in your life, discover more about the Bars here.



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