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January 06, 2020

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How much do you enjoy conforming to normal rules and regulations? If you answered, not at all! then perhaps it’s time to unleash your inner mutant on the world.

What is a mutant?

Think of a time when you made a request and it actualized effortlessly, without you having to control the outcome. That’s the energy of mutant!

“A mutant makes no effort to create. You are truly in a constant state of question,” Simone Milasas explained recently on the Creative Edge of Consciousness telecall.

What is possible that you don’t think is possible? was the topic explored on the Creative Edge of Consciousness telecall, by Simone and Brendon Watt.

The stereotypical way of creating something usually involves effort, struggle, wins and losses, and very rarely is it done with ease and joy.

“The thing with being stereotypical is that you’re trying to be normal and you’re not,” Simone added. “Everywhere you have a sense of joy and a sense of peace, every time you get that creative, generative energy, that’s when you’re not actually being stereotypical. That’s when you’re being

A mutant is willing to be out of control

Are you willing to be 100% mutant? If you were Mystique from the X-Men and you had the ability to change and morph into any shape, at any time, how would you live your life? How out of controlwould you be?

The willingness to give up control is a choice that’s available to you and what if it’s easier than you imagine? What if it’s about choosing to create possibilities, not results?

For most people in the world, every choice they make is the means to an end. “That isn’t actually a choice for possibilities,” Brendon Watt pointed out. “It is a choice to obtain the result that you’re looking for.”

“If you get out of the place where you must have a result from a choice and you’re willing to have awareness, then you will see that choice creates but you don't have to know what it will create.”

So, are you willing to be the mutant of possibilities that doesn’t conform to human rules and reality?

Imagine, what other possibilities would be available that you have not yet chosen?

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