What If You Didn’t Have To Fix Your Body?

October 18, 2019

What if there wasn’t anything wrong that you had to fix your body?

There is one thing that we all have in common. We have a body.

Yet so much of our interaction with our bodies is looking at what we’ve decided is wrong with them.

If there was nothing wrong with your body, would you truly have to fix your body?

What if the way that your body was showing up, the too big / too small, the aches, pains, spots, illnesses…. what if all of that was simply your body communicating with you in a way that up until now, you didn’t understand?

In the search and journey of consciousness and desiring more, our bodies are often overlooked or vilified.

What if our bodies are a great contribution to our lives being different?

The Access Body Processes, created by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer, invite you to change the way you relate to your body… and thus everything in your life.

Discover an Access Body Processes Class here.

Instead of trying to fix your body, what if you were willing to learn your body’s language and open up to different possibilities for your body and your life?



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