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Connecting with Planet Earth

October 15, 2019

We live on this beautiful planet and most of the time we forget about it. We forget about connecting with Planet Earth. This alive, always evolving and changing organism called Planet Earth is taking care of us and gifts us the possibility to enjoy its diversity and beauty.

Planet Earth allows us to be here in a body and nurtures our body in ways that many of us are just starting to become aware of. We all have experienced the peace of nature, the sweetness of the wind or the caress of the water on our skin. We put our feet on the Earth each day, and we make choices that affect the Earth in creative or destructive ways, honoring or dishonoring ways.

There are many organizations in the world that fight for the Planet, and more people are becoming aware of the fact that we need to relate differently to our temporary home called Planet Earth. What contribution could you be if you took a moment in each day for connecting with Planet Earth?

Each of us has the ability to nurture and grow the possibility for the Earth and we also have the capacity to abuse and damage the Planet. Many of the choices we make day by day that affect the Earth are from lack of awareness and not necessarily from the desire to harm or damage it.

There are many tools we human beings can use to become more aware and to start changing what is happening on Earth right now. Here are a few of those tools.

Connect With the Being of the Planet

First, we can start acknowledging the Being of the Planet, connecting and communicating with this being. How do we do this? The Earth is speaking the language of energy and we can hear it if we are willing to. Each of us has energetic capacities—we are aware of energies and understand energy communication. Often this is not acknowledged by the society we live in nor by other people, so even though we all know this, we do not totally acknowledge it. It’s getting better and it is increasing and we each can help in speeding up the process by practicing.

Ask Questions

One tool we can use is to ask to have clarity and ease in the communication with the Planet. Ask and then be open to receive the awareness about it. We are unique beings so our way of receiving information and awareness is unique—no one else will have the awareness that you have, and you can have it by being in the question, being curious, and being willing to receive it.

Here are some of the questions we can ask:

We can ask the Earth, “What can we contribute to you?”

When we make choices we can ask, “What would this choice create for the Earth?”

We can ask the Earth to contribute to our bodies, to give us awareness about things.

In fact, the Earth is speaking to us all the time and trying to give us information we require. That’s why, when we listen, we know to be out of town when a dangerous earth event is taking place. That’s why, when we listen, we know to go out in nature to relax, heal the body, and gain clarity for our life.

These are a few easy to use and fun tools we can play with in our daily life. We can teach our children to use them too and in this way we help them create a future with the awareness of the Earth included. To expand using these tools, try this exercise every day:

Take a deep breath, ask the Earth what gift are you for it. Ask the Earth to show you how you can heal your body. Receive. Receive the kindness, the gentleness, the strength, and the vitality of the Earth. Receive the gratitude and playfulness the Earth is gifting you.

Ask your body to connect with the Earth in a way that increases the receiving from the Earth. Ask your body to contribute all the energies that the Earth needs from you.

Open yourself to receive the communication from the Earth.

What would your life be like if you start connecting with planet earth and including the awareness and energies of the Earth?

What would the future of the Planet be like if you did this each day?

  • Would it be so much devastation?

  • Would it be so much pain?

  • Would your body be happier?

We have the ability to choose. This is one of the greatest gifts we have. For us and for the world.

How do we desire to use this gift?

By Dr Carleta Tiba

Dr Carleta Tiba is a Certified Access Consciousness 3 Day Body facilitator who travels the world facilitating classes for people that are looking for more awareness, more ease, joy, and glory in their lives and with their body. The questions Carleta asks herself each day are: “What can I be today that is greater than I was yesterday?” and “What does the world require from me today?”



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