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6 Awesome Life Hacks For Creating an Awesome Life

October 22, 2019

Here’s some fun and awesome life hacks to starting the journey towards a better life…

Creating an Awesome Life Hacks:

1. Recognizing There is a Future Available

Embracing possibility is the beginning of creating a future.

The first action we need to take is recognizing that there is a future available. Most people don’t even realize that. We look at where the Earth is right now and all the weird stuff that is going on. Suicide rates are skyrocketing because people are looking at the world and wondering why they want to even be here.

The first thing we need to get is this: There is a future available, but we need to choose it.

If you become aware of a different future and a different possibility that we can create then that’s the start of something different from a really different place.

2. Possibilities Create Futures…that could be More Awesome than you imagined

With every awareness of possibilities that you allow, the way to get to that possibility presents itself simultaneously. If you look at your reality as it is right now and put parameters on it, that limits the possibilities available to you.

The willingness to have another possibility is truly the beginning of creating a different future, but we think that we need to ‘think’ it into existence, and we don’t see how to think it into existence, so it can’t be possible.

Trying to “think” it into existence is going about it backwards.

Rather than that, allow the possibility of its existence into our world, and then the possibility creates the future of that being able to exist.

Our point of view creates our reality.

All those places that you have already said no to possibilities because you decided that they’re not possible, where they actually are possible, would you let that go and be open to a different possibility?

3. Actions for a Different Future

So many people choose to buy into the overwhelm of: I’m only one person, how can I create a change in the world?

Dr. Dain Heer wrote a book called Being You, Changing the World.

If you want a world of peace or kindness, a sense of connection, what are you going to have to be to allow that to actualize?

The first place it has to start is with you being that peace, kindness, and connection with you.

That’s the Being You part of Being You, Changing the World.

4. Get Out of Judgement of You

There are a lot of us that would like a different world, and yet with the unkindness that we are with ourselves on a daily basis, we really can’t believe it’s a possibility.

We need to start being what we would like to see in the world, and we need to start being it with us.

We need to start being that kindness with us.

The first thing is to get out of judgement of us. Now this is one of the particularly awesome life hacks as it’s so simple and yet so profound.

In order to get out of judgement of us, we have to make a different choice.

We have been brought up to judge ourselves, but that’s not where our greatness lies.

Our greatness lies beyond the judgement and in the awarenesses we have beyond what is normal, average, and real. We have to get that there is something within us that is so much greater, that we have never looked at, but that is so much different than what other people consider is valuable.

5. Follow Your Knowing

Look at what it is that you know. What do you know that’s different from everybody else in the world that if you started to follow that knowing would allow a different reality and a different future to actualize? This is not an airy, fairy concept. Unless we start creating a different future for us, there isn’t a collective us that is creating a future, so we have to actually start with us.

Our lives are the future we can actualize, but with that, we create ripples in the world.

6. Don’t Limit Yourself By Hiding

What is it about you that you’re hiding so dynamically you think it will destroy the world, that if you unhid it would actually create the world and create a future for all of us? As long as we’re hiding, all we can see is the wrongness of us.

When you’re hiding parts of you, then you can’t use them to create something greater.

What is possible for me that I think is not possible that if I allowed the possibilities would actualize a different reality?

When we have possibilities, that’s the time when we’re aware that a future is possible. We can’t change the choices we’ve made, but what we can do right now is choose something different.

You can make different choices right now.

This conversation is taken from The Art & Industry of Business & Living podcast episode between Dr Dain Heer and Simone Milasas.



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